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Even Before They Took Their Wedding Vows, Vijay Has Promised To Stay By Her Side To Save Her

“I visit her daily. She is too weak to speak, but she can listen, so I sit with her and tell her all about my day, what happened, who I met or something that was funny...anything, just to make her smile once. I don’t want her to feel she is alone in this. I can’t watch her being sad.”- Vijay, fiancé

Vijay and Ashwini were about to get married but just when they were about to decide on the engagement date, Ashwini was diagnosed with a lung disease. 

“We thought after the news, we won't hear from him again but he stayed… he stayed by her side. It’s been 6 months and it feels like he is a part of the family now. Whenever there is any appointment or a test needs to be done, he comes home and picks her up. I just want all of this to get over soon and I want them to be happy together,” - Suman, Ashwini's mother .

Not even a single breath without support, only a transplant can save her

Ashwini has bilateral bronchiectasis. It is a lung disease in which there is permanent enlargement of parts of the airways of the lung.  She needs 24 hours supplemental oxygen, without which she can’t take even a single breath. With low level of oxygen reaching her blood, she has no energy to even sit or even move her hand.

When no one is there, she just stares at the ceiling for hours

“Things changed so quickly. She was such a happy, talkative and lovely girl. Now, I can’t even remember when was the last time she spoke to me. I am very thankful to God that Vijay is here. Whenever he is here, he keeps her distracted and happy, otherwise...she just stares at the ceiling or the window. I can’t see her like this…,”- Suman

Even with both the family’s combined efforts, we cant afford it

Vijay works in an IT company and earns about Rs 20,000.  Ashwini’s father is a bus conductor and Vijay’s father is an auto driver. Even with their combined efforts they can’t afford 35 lakhs for Ashwini’s lung transplant.

“We tried, but with Rs 10-15000 as income, no one is ready to give us loans. All we could arrange was 2-3 lakhs. How will we ever be able to arrange the rest? I don’t want to lose her,” - Vijay

Without your help, Vijay will lose Ashwini. Your small contribution can save Ashwini's life and give this couple a chance to live their life happily together.
Patient Ashwini Pandharinath Shelke is 25 years old, living in Thane, Maharashtra
Being treated in Global Hospital, Mumbai, Maharashtra

Receiving treatment for Lung Disease

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