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13-Year-Old Won't Leave The Hospital Alive If He Doesn't Get A Liver Transplant In 3 Days

“I could hear the cyclone raging outside my house, trees breaking down, window panes shattering. It was all so scary but you know what was even scarier? My son crying out in pain, holding his swollen stomach. He was continuously vomiting. We didn’t know what was wrong with him, all we knew was that if we didn’t take him to the hospital immediately, he will not make it. But our phones weren’t working, there was no electricity - there was no way I could arrange for an ambulance,” - Rajender, father of Aryan.

Cyclone Fani delayed Aryan’s treatment. By the time the desperate parents took him to a hospital in Bhubaneswar the doctors said that it is already too late. ‘Take him to Bangalore, he might have a chance’ - the parents wasted no time. Here they got to know that his liver is fully damaged, his only hope is a liver transplant in the next three days.

I will do anything to save my son, even if it costs my life

Nita Rani couldn’t believe when she heard that her otherwise healthy son will not survive without a liver transplant. She has been crying inconsolably since the day the doctors broke the news to Rajender and Nita. She has been trying but has failed to eat even a single bite of food.
“I would do anything to save my son. He is just 13, he doesn’t deserve to die. I want to donate my liver to him, I don’t care about the risks,” - Nita, mother.

Aryan’s condition worsened in just a month’s time

What started off as just a stomach pain soon changed into liver failure. His stomach started swelling and so did his legs. His entire body, even the white of his eyes turned yellow. In one month, he was reduced to a sack of bones. His body couldn’t even digest water.


“The delay in his treatment caused the maximum harm. But we were helpless, there was no way we could have brought him here sooner. Now he needs the transplant and all our efforts will go in vain if he doesn’t get that. But how can I afford 15 lakhs - it is so much!” - Rajender.

‘Take me home, Papa’ - Aryan begs, not knowing that his life is at risk

As you read this, Aryan’s mother is undergoing a biopsy test, to see if she is a match for her son. His father is pacing up and down the corridor, worrying if his son will live to see the next sunrise. But Aryan doesn’t know all this. Lying down on the hospital bed, he thinks of home and his little brother. The boy is unaware that if he doesn’t get a transplant in the next three days, he might never step out of the hospital. 

“I never thought I would feel this helpless, I never thought I’d be praying for my son’s life. I have a small shop back in Odisha, I make around Rs 10,000 a month. Without help, I will never be able to save Aryan.”  

An active teenager's life will come to a sad end without your help - a generous contribution from your side can save him, give him a new life 

Supporting Document 

The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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