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He Had Only 1% Chance Of Survival

1-year-old Arsh is an energetic and rambunctious little boy. He is the centre of his parents’ universe and always keeps them on his toes with his naughty little antics. Iqbal and Mehzabin feel incredibly lucky and happy to have their sweet child in their lives. He is healthy and energetic, and it is all they could have asked for. But sometimes, they can’t help recalling the distressing moment when they thought they would lose him forever.

A year ago, Arsh was grappling with hydrocephalus, fluid build-up in the cavities deep within the brain, and a painfully large tumour that extended from the back of his head. His condition was so severe, that his parents feared he wouldn’t make it to his first birthday.

He was in so much pain, he would cry endlessly

As happy as his parents had been the day he was born, they’d been filled with deep dread at the sight of the tumour on Arsh’s head. Starting out as a small lump, it eventually grew out to the size of a fist, and at 3 months old, little Arsh was enduring unbearable suffering that not even normal adults could cope with.

He was unable to even sleep unless we held him at an angle that didn’t put pressure on the tumour and hurt him. His deafening shrieks would break my heart and he would cry incessantly because of the pain and discomfort that the massive tumour had been causing..” - Mehzabin, mother

Arsh needed to undergo 3 surgical procedures, but his poor parents couldn’t afford them

Doctors at all the local hospitals that these parents approached told them that their child had only a 1% chance of survival. However, they weren’t ready to give up and sought an equipped hospital that was miles away from their hometown. But, Iqbal, a daily wager at a mechanic shop, had quickly run out of money right at the beginning of his son’s treatment. He’d never imagined that his life savings would be exhausted in mere days.

The doctors there told us that there was excessive fluid in Arsh’s brain that had caused his tumour to grow in size, just like how a plant grows when you water it. Surgery was the only way to get rid of it, else the tumour would have had adverse effects on his brain and body. For our baby’s sake, we would only survive on one meal a day and sleep on the cold hospital floors. Yet, it wasn't enough... ” - Iqbal, father

In their time of need, you became a beacon of hope to these helpless parents

Drained of all his financial resources, Iqbal had no way to afford his son’s surgeries and felt emotionally defeated. That is when you came forward to help this desperate father and saved his son from a cruel fate. Soon, many more people like you stepped in and helped Iqbal raise 18 lakhs for Arsh's surgery. Through your kindness, Arsh was able to survive and is now living a healthy life as a happy little boy. Iqbal and Mehzabin are so thankful to you all, who helped them through such a hard time in their life.

Allah has blessed me and my family abundantly, by bringing you into our lives. Our son’s surgery and treatment were successful only with your constant support. We feel extremely humbled and are grateful to you for all you have done for us. I will raise my son in good faith, and ensure that he grows up knowing the kindness and love you have bestowed on him." - Iqbal

Arsh's parents were fortunate that their prayers were answered right in time, and that your help arrived before something bad could happen to him. But the bitter truth is that many children born with rare disorders do not receive the same help. Millions of innocent kids suffer from cruel symptoms such as underdevelopment, weakness, localised pain, etc, due to which their existence becomes a living nightmare.

If these little ones do not get treated within a specific period of time, their quality of life suffers, and eventually, they face the risk of death. Funds stand between them and their healthy, bright futures. You can help avoid these complications, by donating to Milaap Kids’ Rare Disease Fund, which will ensure that no child suffering from rare diseases is left behind.

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