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Abandoned By Husband, Maid Struggles To Save Her Daughter From Cancer All Alone

“Arpita starts crying out loud whenever they try to feed her through those tubes. It’s so hard for me to stand and watch her go through so much pain. She is just 10-year-old and she is fighting cancer. She needs three months of chemotherapy but I don’t even have a rupee with me. All alone in Bangalore, I don’t know how I will afford Arpita’s treatment,” - Rita, mother. 

I am the only one my daughters have - I don’t want to fail them

Eight months ago, Arpita complained of a severe pain in her right arm. When Rita took her to the doctors, they said it is a tumor - a surgery would fix her. But Rita and Arpita’s worst fears were yet to be realised.
“Even after the surgery, her swelling didn’t go away - the pain was also there. When I took her back to the doctors, they told me that the only way she can survive now is if they amputate her hand. I was shocked and scared, I couldn’t let Arpita go through that trauma. My neighbours told me to take her to Bangalore. I sold my earrings, took all my savings and immediately went to Bangalore in hope for getting her cured.” 

For the last three months, I have been working in a nearby hotel in return for food

Rita’s 10-year-old, Arpita has osteosarcoma - a type of bone cancer. Despite two surgeries, her condition is not getting any better. She needs at least three more rounds of chemotherapy but the Rs 30,000 that Rita came to Bangalore with is now over.
“It’s been three months that I am in Bangalore and all the money that I had is now over. I have been working in a small hotel for the past few months. I cook food for them and they give me food in return. I feel horrible leaving Arpita alone as I go to work but what other choice do I have? I need to survive to take care of my daughter.” 

My daughter won’t make it if I can’t afford the treatment - please help me

Rita’s husband had abandoned his family long back. Rita was single-handedly taking care of her daughters - sending them to school, saving up as much as she could for their bright future. She used to work very hard as a domestic help but earned only Rs 4000 a month.


“All I had ever wanted for my daughters was for them to stand on their own feet. I didn’t want them to suffer the way I did. Arpita wanted to be a doctor but now all of that seems like a distant dream. She is fighting deadly cancer and I can’t even afford her treatment. My savings are all over, without your help I will never be able to arrange for 3 lakhs for Arpita.”   

She didn't lose hope when her husband abandoned her. She has been struggling very hard for her daughters but now is unable to afford Arpita's cancer treatment. With your help, she can cure her 10-year-old

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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