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Away From Home For 11 Months Fighting Cancer, She Might Never Go Back Without Help

“Wherever the people told we can get the cure, we went there. All we wanted was Anu to get better and now when she finally has a chance... I desperately want her to get well soon and come back home but I am not able to afford the cure.”- Ramchandra,father

About one year back, Anuradha’s entire body turned pale and everyone suspected it to be jaundice. Soon her health deteriorated and she was diagnosed with Leukemia, blood cancer. She underwent chemotherapy and now her body is ready to get a bone marrow transplant that can save her life.

She knows she is sick and wants to recover as soon as possible

“She doesn’t know what cancer is but she knows she is sick. My strong little child understands that these injections, machines and all these pills will fight her disease and make her better. She just wants to go back home quick and play with her siblings.”- Arti,mother

It’s been 11 months since they have gone home

“I stayed back in the village as I have to look after my other children. My wife and Anuradha are in Mumbai for treatment. Anu gets so happy talking to us on call. It’s so difficult to hold back my tears sometimes when she asks me when will we meet again. What I earn is only enough for our family’s food, how will I arrange so much money for her transplant…”- Ramchandra

Ramchandra is a daily wage labourer and works on others' farms. The transplant will cost him Rs 22 lakhs. With a mere wage of Rs 200 a day, he barely manages the household expenses and is devastated at the thought that he will never be able to save his daughter.

"When her hair started to fall, she cried a lot. It was so difficult to calm her down. Now it is slowly growing and her smile when she looks into the mirror and touches her new hair...I don't want that smile to go away ever again." - Arti

If we can’t afford this transplant, her cancer will come back 

“After so many difficulties my child is better now. Vomiting, pain in her entire body and crying all night, this was her life a few months back. Now, she is happy and smiling. If we can’t afford this transplant... I can’t see my daughter suffering like that again. I don’t want her cancer to be back.”
- Arti, holding back her tears

Anuradha did not give up on living despite all these hurdles. She loves to play in the park, goes to school with other patients and is happy now. But without this transplant, her cancer will come back and will threaten this little child’s life. You can save her.

Patient Anuradhi Paasi is 11 years old, living in Mumbai, Maharashtra
Being treated by Dr Prashant H in Bai Jerbai Wadia Hospital for Children, Mumbai, Maharashtra

Receiving Bone Marrow Transplant treatment for Acute lymphoblastic leukemia (all)

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