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This Poor Vegetable Vendor Was Forced To Stop His Son's Chemotherapy

“Only God knows why he is making us suffer so deeply. I would have never dreamed that my 19 year old son Anuj, my backbone, could have blood cancer. I keep wondering why he has this disease. Isn't it my age to fall sick? I feel cursed as a parent watching my child lying in a hospital bed with all these tubes. I wish it was me. I would switch places with him in a heartbeat!"

Anuj gave up school to help his father sell vegetables 

Raam Bhakat is a vegetable vendor. As much as he always wanted his children to study and have successful careers, fate saw him pulling Anuj out of school to assist him with his work. A child robbed of education, Anuj's path is a sad reality of rural India. Just when Raam felt like he can start entrusting more work to Anuj, the family was dealt with some shocking news.

A fever that led to a deadly diagnosis

“During Diwali, Anuj had a very high fever. Our local doctor told us that it was most likely to be dengue. I remember how scared my wife was. Today, when I look back, how I wish it was just dengue! Further tests confirmed that Anuj has blood cancer – leukaemia. Even when I'm saying it aloud now, I can't believe this is happening...

Anuj's treatment is paused due to lack of funds

With no family history of cancer, this has been a big blow to the family, emotionally and financially. They have sold all their gold, pooled together their meager savings, and borrowed money from every relative they could ask. Having exhausted all that now, Anuj's treatment is on hold. They need 15 lakhs to continue and complete Anuj's treatment. A sum of money that is unthinkable for them to attain without this campaign.

“My wife and I will spend our last years of life begging and praying for all the help people will offer to Anuj. I don’t have anything left, I am desperate. His chemotherapy has aged him so much in just a few months. But without it, he would not have made it this far. Without it... he will not make it at all."

This is the plea of a man who feels like a failure for not being able to continue the treatment for his dying child on his own. If you can contribute, you will be helping fix the spirit of this poor broken father.
Patient Anuj Bhakat is 19 years old, living in Kolkata, West Bengal
Being treated by Dr. Vivek s radhakrishan in Tata Medical Center, Kolkata, West Bengal

Receiving Chemotherapy treatment for Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia

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