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At Just 13, He Has Been Diagnosed With Two Different Kinds Of Cancers

Surjya Kumar and his wife fell in love and fought all obstacles to make their inter-caste marriage a success. They both decided to have only one child, Ankit, to be able to give him the best life possible. Fate has played them a bad hand, as Ankit has been diagnosed with cancer, again! 

“Ankit has always been athletic. He won so many competitions in school. We don't understand what happened overnight. Our perfect life has turned upside down. It all seems a blur- a persistent stomach ache turned out to be cancer. Sometimes even saying this aloud, makes me wonder if this is all just a bad dream..." - Surjya Kumar, father.  

The family was looking forward to normal life after Ankit beat cancer

On repetitive complains of intense stomach pain, Ankit's parents took him to a doctor in Assam. After several tests, it was found out that he has Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia - a type of blood cancer. They were advised to travel to Chennai for treatment. After five months of intense treatment, Ankit was declared free of the form of blood cancer he had.

"Can you imagine the joy and relief we felt?  I was looking forward to going home, rebuilding our lives away from the trauma of the past few months. It was such a sweet feeling, like a heavy burden is lifted," - Sharmila, mother. 

The relief was short lived as Ankit was diagnosed with cancer, again!

“During one of his blood tests, the platelet count dropped again and we discover that Ankit has AML- another form of leukemia. I am in despair. I'm angry. I'm sad. Cant help asking why is this happening to my son? I feel helpless looking at Ankit - I had used up everything to win our first fight and we are back to square one," - Surjya, father.

This time around, the doctors have told Surjya that not only does Ankit need Chemotherapy but also a bone marrow transplant if he is in remission. This is a time consuming, intense and very expensive treatment. 

Having been forced to quit his job, Ankit's father needs more than your prayers to save his son

“For the first treatment, I have spent over 30 lakhs. I borrowed from friends and family. Since we spent so much time in Chennai, I was forced to quit my job. I have nothing left to continue Ankit's treatment now. The doctor told me to pray for my critically ill son but I need much more than prayers. I really need help.”

The cost of Ankit’s treatment is 20 lakhs. The family is barely making ends meet being drained of all their savings for his first fight with cancer. Having no job, Ankit’s father is very vulnerable right now. Your donation can go a long way to help him fight for his only son’s life.
Patient Ankit Borah is 13 years old, living in Tirpura
Being treated by Dr. ramya in Apollo Cancer Institutes, Tirpura

Receiving Bone Marrow Transplant treatment for Relapsed acute lymphoblastic leukemia (all)

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