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This 8-Year Old Is Waiting For A Heart Surgery Since Birth But His Parents Can't Afford It

Born with 3 holes in his heart, Akilan has a Congenital Heart Condition, his heart couldn't develop completely at birth.

"I always keep him at sight because I'm scared of what might happen to him if I leave him alone. Since his birth, not a single day has passed when I don't panic seeing him suddenly sweating and fainting. He fought so hard when he was born to stay with us and now if we don't get his heart surgery done, we will lose it all. When he happily comes to hug me, I can hear his heart beating rapidly, reminding me of how time is running out of our hands to save his life."- Kokila, mother

His heart condition makes it difficult to filter blood in his body

This rare Heart Condition has put his life at a huge risk because his heart began mixing bad blood with the oxygen-rich blood and pumping that to the rest of his body. He needs a Fontan completion surgery to ensure his heart pumps only the clean blood, along with ECMO support and ventilation to fix this condition.

He survived one surgery but now lacks of funds is delaying the other one

When he was a month old, his body was too fragile to handle both these surgeries. They completed the first surgery with complications but now he needs another open-heart surgery for his heart to filter his blood adequately. He was supposed to get this surgery as soon as he turned 7 but COVID delayed it for another year. Now he is 8 years old and further delay in this surgery can cost him his life now.

"At first, when his skin turned blue, we rushed him to the hospital. We were terrified to see that soon his lips, nails and eyelids all turned blue too. We ran from one hospital to another begging them to save him but they all gave up seeing his critical condition. Now, when his last report showed him to be finally fit for the surgery, we found out that we need to gather 8 lakhs for it. I don't know why God is punishing us like this."- Sathasivam, father 

Since his birth, these parents panic when he runs out of breath and faints

Unlike other kids, Akilan is bound to his bed every day. His fatigue and breathlessness have destroyed his interest in any activity. Once while playing with his sister, his oxygen levels dropped so low that he fainted and had to be put on oxygen support. Since that day, he has been scared of stepping out of his bed.

"Immediately after Akilan was born, the nurse took him away to the NICU before I could see his face. After 16 days of being in the hospital, they told me he has 3 holes in his heart. He was just a month old when he had open heart surgery. Just when I thought his life was out of danger, the doctor informed me he won't be able to survive for more than a year. It's been 8 years now and every day I hold my son with the fear of losing him any moment."- Kokila, mother 

Every day his parents pass their day in despair because even after being so close to saving their son's life they are still so far away from being able to do it. Sathasivam keeps assuring his wife that they will arrange the money soon but he can't tell her the truth. Being a carpenter, he knows he will never be able to make 8 lakhs from it. He is just praying for a miracle now.

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Patient Akilan is 8 years old, living in Ariyalur, Tamil Nadu
Being treated in Apollo children's hospital, Chennai

Receiving Heart surgery treatment for heart problem

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