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Even After two Surgeries This Newborn Is Not Out Of Danger, He Needs Urgent Help

“My baby has been unconscious for the past 2 weeks. There are tubes attached to his mouth and stomach. Doctors told me that he is very critical and needs prolonged treatment to survive, but I don’t have money left to fund even one more day of hospital expenses. I am all alone now as my husband left to our village a few days back to try and arrange some money. My baby is struggling to survive and I am helpless,”-Akhila, mother of 1-month-old Iyyanarappan.

This poor baby was starving for days before his parents found out that he had deadly infection

Akhila was in her 9th month of pregnancy and excited about the last scan before the delivery when doctors gave her the shocking news that her baby had some deformity in his intestine. Being uneducated, Akhila and her husband Aiyappan did not understand the implications of this at the time. Right on the second day of his birth, their baby boy underwent a surgery. He was taken home after two days and his parents believed he was alright. But they were in for a rude shock.

“He stopped feeding altogether. He also started losing weight rapidly as a result. He was literally starving for 2 weeks before the doctors found out that he had an infection in his intestine. He had to undergo another procedure, but he is not fully out of danger,”-Akhila

All Akhila can do is sit beside her baby now and pray for him to be alright. It has been days since she has had a proper meal as she keeps crying thinking about how she and her husband cannot afford to save him. This baby can become normal with proper treatment consisting of antibiotic therapy and nutritional support, but after spending more than Rs 4 lakhs of borrowed money to keep him alive so far, they don't even have a paisa left with them.

‘My husband has not been able to find help yet, please lend a helping hand to us’

While Akhila is with her baby in a hospital in Chennai, her husband is back home in their village in Tindivanam, more than a 100 km away. He is begging everyone he knows to lend him money, but no help has come so far. Being a poor daily wager who earns only Rs 200 on the days he manages to find work, Aiyappan is in no position to afford his son’s treatment. Akhila is running out of money to afford even meals now and is in desperate need of your support.

This baby has a high chance of survival with prolonged ICU care. With your kind help, this baby can become healthy again. Please help his parents in saving him

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