I Saw My First Daughter Die In Front Of My Eyes, Now I Will Lose Aadhya To The Same Disease | Milaap
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I Saw My First Daughter Die In Front Of My Eyes, Now I Will Lose Aadhya To The Same Disease

Our first child was a baby girl. She was 4 months old when we got to know she had liver disease, we couldn’t save her and now…I can’t...I just won’t be able to watch it happen again with Aadhya," - -Rajeshwar,the father

Just a year after Aadhya was born something or the other started happening to her. Fever, blood motions - even after numerous tests nothing was diagnosed at all. Then to the utmost fear of Rajeshwar and Sunita, they saw the same symptoms as their first child in Aadhya.  They were frightened to their core. But this time the parents are determined to save their baby girl. They are doing everything in their capacity but it's still not enough.

She does not go to anyone not even her father

“She does not let anyone near her. She fears that her pain will grow. I want to hold her... I just want her to be better again and nothing matters more than her life...all we fear is if we can’t arrange 18 lakhs...we will lose Aadhya.” Rajeshwar

Aadhya is in a lot of pain. She cries so much that sometimes it becomes difficult for her to breathe. Then she just gets tired and falls asleep.

Everyone in Aadhya’s family has gathered to save the little girl. They are waiting for the tests to be done and whoever is best suitable is ready to be the donor but the only thing this entire family is unable to do is arrange the money necessary for the transplant. Rajeshwar works as an employee at a small business and earns only Rs 8000 a month which will not be enough to save his daughter. He is struggling to arrange a sum of 18 lakhs for the liver transplant.

She has to get the transplant within 10- 15 days otherwise...

“Doctors said we have to get ready for the transplant before her body again starts to suffer from the effects of liver failure. My girl has suffered a lot, I don’t want her in all the pain again but we are helpless.- Sunita, mother

Aadhya is just one year old and has a whole life in front of her. With this transplant she can live a normal life but Rajeshwar cannot do this without our help. Your contribution will save Aadhya from this deadly disease.

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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