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After Falling From The Second Floor, This 4-year-old Is Fighting For Her Life With Multiple Injuries

"I was inside the kitchen when I heard the bang outside followed by a lot of screaming and shouting. I felt a shiver down my spine, I ran to my balcony and saw my baby down in a pool of blood. My husband carried her in his arms and quickly rushed her to the hospital in a two-wheeler. Now she is in the ICU, with injuries all over her body and all her internal organs damaged. She is frightened and has terrible nightmares every day. She wakes up from sleep and shouts 'Maa, I have fallen'. Nothing helps in consoling her, not even my hugs, I can't describe the pain and trauma my little one is going through every passing minute." - Taheseen, Mother of 4-year-old Haniya.

This little girl who was full of energy is now in excruciating pain not able to move her body

Haniya who had boundless energy throughout the day, always playing around her house. Her neighbors were very fond of her and there was always someone to take care of her. On that fateful day, when Haniya was standing in her balcony, she saw a tractor and got excited. She pulled a plastic chair to stand on it and see it clearly. Just within a blink of an eye, she fell upside down from the second floor of her home.

"I was horrified, my whole body trembled. I saw people crying and screaming but I was numb. It was only when I saw her in the hospital reality hit me and I burst out crying. I keep replaying the nightmarish memory of July 4 - her happily running around the house and stark horrifying moment.  I ask so many questions to myself, 'What if I had closed my balcony', 'What if I had not moved away from her at that moment' and so on. I know I need to focus on her recovery but I'm not able to hold my guilt." - Taheseen.

"We are now experiencing a world of grief that we hadn't known before. We were asked to take her to a hospital in Hyderabad as her condition was critical. We were told that she should not move her body at all and it will only lead to further damage. She was in unbearable pain. We took her in an ambulance to Hyderabad; it was 7 hrs from our hometown. That was the longest journey we ever had. Each minute  felt like a day."  Syed, Haniya's father.

Haniya is in constant pain and she has multiple injuries, even a slight movement has become a struggle

The fall was so terrible that she has multiple injuries and fractures. She has developed soft tissue injuries of liver, spleen, pancreas and the left kidney. She had a fracture on the right leg and an immediate surgery was done. She has also developed severe infections and it is spreading rapidly. She is given medicines to treat the infections in her stomach so that she can have the next surgery to recover completely.

"She is not able to even sleep. She cries uncontrollably and says she can't bear the pain. I can see her wincing and barely fighting the pain. I can't bear to see this. I don't know how much her little body can endure. She couldn't move and every part of her body is aching terribly."

Haniya's father Syed works in an insurance company and earns around Rs 11,000 per month. He was working hard and living a modest life. He has no savings, he had to even borrow money to pay the ambulance. He has spent Rs 1 lakh with the help of his friends. Now he has nothing left with him.

"I have been running to so many people from the day she was admitted in the hospital.  I could hear her wailing sounds contniuously , I cannot forget how I carried her in my arms while she was bleeding heavily and struggling to breathe. I don't want my daughter to go through this pain, I can't bear it but I don't have anything left with me to save her. My wife has already slipped into depression, nothing can console her. My 2-year old Son Arib is in our relative's place. I'm helpless. Our lives can never be the same without our daughter." - Syed.

How you can help

4-year-old Haniya is in unbearable pain and trauma. She has multiple injuries after falling accidentally from her balcony. She has developed severe infections too. She needs treatment for 4-5 weeks and surgical intervention. Her parents are desperately looking for a help to save their daughter. They have nothing left with them. Only your support can save her life.

Your kind contribution can save this 4-year-olf from excruciating pain and help her to live a normal life

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 The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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