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This 3-year-old Baby Girl Needs Your Support To Fight For Her Life

“She was extremely weak to even crawl or sit up until she was two years old. We waited for over a year for her to start sitting up.”  Madhukar and Hema, doting parents of 3-year-old Grishmitha were a little late in realizing that their baby girl was sick. Like all parents, they did not want to believe that a rare blood disease so aggressive could hit any innocent child, let alone their own. Now, this baby girl who is on monthly transfusions needs a bone marrow transplant as a permanent life-saving cure.

A parent’s worst nightmare come true

Grishmitha looked tired all the time, and it seemed very odd to her parents that a child so young who typically has to be hyperactive was always so dull. They took her to the doctor to know what was troubling her, and that was the beginning of their terrible journey.
The diagnostic blood tests showed that Grishmitha had severe anemia and she was prescribed strong iron supplements. “She hated the bitter drinks but still gulped it down without any fuss,” said Hema in a grave voice.

Six months passed, and she was still pale and tired. They visited the doctor again, this time only to find out that Grishmitha had Thalassemia Major, a congenital blood disorder that required her to take blood transfusions every month. Without these transfusions, she would show poor growth, bone deformities and even death by the time she reaches 10 years of age.

A young life’s silent suffering in pain

Looking at this silent baby girl, nobody would know she is afflicted by such a disorder. She loves to pretend that she is a school-going child by often wearing her cousin’s uniform and backpack. Her parents, however, are waiting for her to recover from this illness to send her to school and have a normal life.

“She is actually so weak, that she can’t even complain of the pain from all these transfusions. This is the worst pain a parent can go through – seeing our child in pain and not being able to do anything about it.”

The way out of a dark place

Hema was pregnant with another child, and they hoped the cord cells could heal Grishmitha. Unfortunately, the fetus too had Thalassemia and they lost the child. Madhukar believes that they gave the sickness to their baby girl. “We have decided not to have any more children and take the best care of our daughter Grishmitha,” he says.

Regular transfusions come with the risk of damaging organs, so there is an urgency for bone marrow transplant. The couple is not a match for their daughter, and hence she is now on the international registry to find a donor. The procedure is estimated to cost Rs. 25 to 30 Lakhs. Madhukar, the sole breadwinner, sells paan out of a box and hardly makes Rs. 11,000 to make ends meet. He has spent over Rs. 2,00,000 on Grishmitha’s treatment by pooling in all his savings.

A crowdfunding miracle

People from his hometown, Kundapur along with local philanthropists and colleges crowdfunded Rs. 14 lakhs towards Grishmitha’s treatment, while he received Rs. 3 lakhs as aid from the government. The family now needs Rs. 10,00,000 to fully fund Grishmitha’s treatment.

“What seemed impossible before is starting to look possible because people have come forward to help me with more than half the money. I believe God will not let my innocent daughter suffer,” he says.

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