Cancer Has Made This Baby So Unrecognizable That Her Own Sister Doesn’t Want To Touch Her | Milaap
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Cancer Has Made This Baby So Unrecognizable That Her Own Sister Doesn’t Want To Touch Her

"Her sister does not recognize her anymore and refuses to even touch her. Cancer has turned our lives upside down, it has changed our Gauri completely. We moved from a village to Nashik with a hope that our daughters would live a comfortable life unlike us. We started a new life with so much hope, but now everything is shattered.”-  Rajashri, mother.

She cannot even have a sip of water because of painful mouth sores

On the evening of 4th April, Gauri’s temperature skyrocketed suddenly. Medicines did not help her. She became extremely weak and did not have the energy for anything. Her face started swelling which soon spread to her feet as well. Parents took her to a local hospital and multiple tests confirmed Gauri has cancer and they were asked to take her to Mumbai for treatment.

"We were shocked beyond words but did not waste even a minute, we came to Mumbai and begged the doctors to save her. She had multiple injections and her body has turned bluish black. She is profusely bleeding from her lips and the mouth sores are too unbearable for her. Her face is swollen so much, I can barely see her eyes. She can hardly eat or sleep." - Rajashri

Despite the pain, she is fighting hard but we are helpless

Shahaji and Rajashri work at a paper manufacturing company as laborers.  The company has provided them with a small room to stay and they earn and Rs 3000 per month to run the remaining expenses for a family of four. It was difficult, but they managed everything until a month ago. Gauri's diagnosis has left them completely helpless. They have already spent around 1 lakh for the tests and the ambulance from Nashik. They need 5 lakh to continue with the chemo cycles and platelets transfusions without which she'll lose her life.

"My wife is trying to distract her from the pain, she is pretending to be strong, but we are all dying inside. We were struggling so hard to make the ends meet but her smile made us forget all our sorrows. We are not able to bear her suffering so much. Please help us save her." - Shahaji.

1-year-old Gauri is a little bundle of joy. Her parents believed that her arrival marked a new beginning in their lives but now everything is a blur. Without help, they'll lose her.

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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