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Smiles which never fade

It was a tricky day, after a turmoil of heavy showers all wet we reached at a school named "Jyoti Bal Vikas Shiksha Samiti" 

                                                              Jyoti Bal Vikas Shiksha Samiti
the one and only school in the village. I entered the school and saw children studying with no pause, taking steps in a clause we went into the principal room without causing any hindrance. There we met a person named Mr. Vasu with a humble gesture greeted us in typical Rajasthani language "Khamma Ghani" after hearing the word I took a pause as I belong to a normal Hindu family born and bought up in Gurgaon so having no idea about the word, I asked my field partner Mr. Lal , "what is the meaning of this word" he smiled and said it means "Namaste" , this is a traditional way of greeting the guests . We sat and Mr. Vasu ordered a cup of tea having a gist of ginger giving us some relief from the chills which were moving in our body due to heavy rains as we were all wet. After a tea talk, Mr. Vasu showed the school and there was a class going on, in which I saw a lady sitting with the children on the floor ("a traditional way of teaching especially in Rajasthan villages") and teaching them, this what caught my eyes, being a teacher there was no hesitation in her and was happily teaching the students.

In a humble manner I asked Mr. Vasu, who is she? He replied; she is my wife, I was shocked after hearing this and for a while my blood flow took a standstill. With a humble gesture I asked the lady, after teaching these children what you do? She said "Sirji" I am the supporter of my family and after finishing with the school, I do tailoring and sewing work. My gesture suddenly turned into a feeling of “mesmerisation”, and that feeling came out in a fashion that everyone glared at me like a "crazy fellow".

The feeling suddenly lifted up a smile on the cute children sitting, there I saw "problems are nothing, they are just our illusions".

                                                                             Never-ending Smiles

I asked Mrs. Divya (the teacher) how are you able to manage family, work and teaching altogether, she replied: "Sirji being a women God has gifted us so much of strength and supporting our own family is a gift towards God". I asked what kind of tailoring work you do, she said I am into making ladies garments, gents garments, and other wardrobes. I got so influenced by her management skills. The talk lasted for about an hour and afterward she introduced me to the students. I was amazed to see the students studying and smiling showing a dream of empowerment in their eyes (when I was a child I hated studying), and in no sense, they smiled after seeing me, one of the students pointed towards the camera and everyone started glaring. I took out the camera and captured the "Smiles which never fades"

                                                                           A dream with a reality

                                                                          Studios Students

                                                                          Smiles which never fade