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Empowering Tradition

Most women in Dhrangadhra come from long-standing tradition of businesses where it probably started from where their birth place is- maika (parent's home) to their present home, sasural (in-laws home). An example of one such business woman is Preetiben.

Preetiben has been running the socks, handkerchiefs and napkins business with her husband for almost 30 years now. She is in-charge of merchandize and her husband handles the selling aspect of the business. She travels to Ahmedabad or Surendrangar to buy goods in wholesale that they later sell in their town. Preetiben also sells cutlery from her home as a side-business. You would think cutlery as spoons and forks but in this part of town, cutlery is also artificial jewellery.

On my way back to the Dhrangadhra office, I also made a pit-stop at their shop. A small stall, located at the corner of a business street where I met Preetiben's husband as well. Earlier, the business made a profit of about Rs 3000-4000 and now after the loan they go as much as Rs8000-10,000. They seemed quite happy about their profit and look forward to taking another loan at the end of their current loan cycle.Undo

Preetiben displaying her cutlery business