Embrace technology. Join Milaap. Change a lot. | Milaap

Embrace technology. Join Milaap. Change a lot.


Apple brings yet another smarter gadget for you to stay in touch and communicate. Use the new whizkid iPhone 5S to lend money, get repayment updates, check newsletters, participate in contests and do more with Milaap.


The new Apple iPhone 5S comes with a ton of cool new features, check them out here. And if you are an iPhone user, (a whopping 42% of our subscribers are!), communication just becomes a little more fun, ain’t it? Use the wizard to view our stories of change; know how we’re doing our bit to make a difference to the society around us.

If you’re wondering why we, at Milaap, are excited about Apple’s new release, take a look at how we have adopted technology to bring about a change. One of the few of its kind, Milaap has successfully taken micro-lending online and enables individuals, corporates and fellows from all over the world join our family everyday.

You can do your bit too. Now. Volunteer with us.