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Dharnai: India's 1st solar powered village!

As millions wait for electricity in India, Dharnai in Bihar declared itself energy-independent with Greenpeace’s solar-powered micro-grid.

Greenpeace and two other NGOs that work in the area (BASIX and CEED) started building a solar power micro-grid to serve the village and after a few months of testing, the autonomous 100 kilowatt system officially went online this past weekend. The grid serves 450 homes, housing 2,400 residents as well as roughly 50 businesses, streetlights, water pumps, two schools, health care center and other public and private ventures. It has a battery to store excess electricity for use during sunless hours.

Head of Renewable Energy Campaign, Greenpeace India.

There are millions across India who have been trying to get electricity for decades, while some have been lucky, most have been not. As India grows leaps and bounds, they are stuck with their kerosene lamps and expensive diesel generators. 

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