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Deepika Wrote Her Board Exams Even With A Failing Liver, But Now She's Running Out Of Time

Just like every teenager in class 10, Deepika too was worried about acing her board exams. She was told that her 10th board exams are very important, it would decide her future. Deepika was determined to do well. But unlike most teenagers in class 10, one more thing would decide Deepika’s future – her failing liver and how much time it allows her without the transplant she needs now.

“Sometimes she studied all night for the exams. Her hands were swollen, she couldn’t sit up, but she did it anyway. However, just before her very last paper, her condition became worse. She has been very upset since that day. She begs me, “appa take away this disease, I want to study.” She needs an urgent liver transplant, but nothing I do is enough to save her."– Mahaveer, father

This young girl is too weak to even lift a pen now, she's running out of time

Deepika was diagnosed with Wilson’s Disease  - an inherited disorder that has caused too much copper to accumulate in her liver - in January this year. Her legs and hands were swollen, and she had severe stomach pain. But this didn’t stop young Deepika from going to school, writing her exams or even playing with her younger sister. However, there was only so long she could go on without her liver completely giving up on her.

“She’s now sad all the time. She doesn’t talk or play, it’s just her and her bed. She spends all day lying down. Deepika loves to read, write…she can’t do any of that now. Even holding a pen is difficult for her. She’s that weak.

Deepika wants to study, go to college and become a doctor. She has many dreams, but her liver disease stands in the way. Mahaveer and Shobha often can't sleep worrying about how many days does Deepika have left without the transplant?

Her father can donate his liver to save her – but he can’t afford it

Deepika doesn’t have much time without the liver transplant. Mahaveer is a matched donor for Deepika. He can donate his liver and save his daughter, but he just doesn’t have the means to afford it. A bus conductor in Davanagere, Mahaveer earns Rs. 10,000 per month. Shobha occasionally works on other’s farms and earns around Rs. 150-200 per day. Their incomes together aren’t enough to afford the transplant that costs 13 lakhs.

“When the doctor told us that she needs a transplant, I didn’t hesitate. I said she’s my daughter, I will give her my liver. I will do anything to save her… but I soon realized that I have nothing left after spending 3 lakhs on her treatment. This is the most helpless feeling.”

Deepika has many dreams for her future, but her liver disease stands in her way. Her parents are struggling to even afford her hospital visits now, let alone her transplant. Only you can help save Deepika. She's running out of time without a new liver.

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