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"I Believe I Will Survive" Says Woman Fighting The Most Aggressive Blood Cancer Ever

"If I would have been in place of my sister, I would have been dead already. My sister is a fighter, I don't know where she gets all her strength from as we are certain that she will win her battle with cancer."
33 years old Debasree since last one year has been undergone countless cycles of chemotherapy and radiation. She was detected with blood cancer (leukemia) in the May of 2016. Even the treating doctor suggested her case as "One nasty type of leukemia" which had to urgently treated. Since last May, Debasree and her family have gone through an emotional roller coaster as whenever everyone thought Debasree condition was getting better, cancer relapsed again.

To get cured of the dreadful disease Debasree underwent a bone marrow transplant (BMT) with her mother as the donor in November last year. However, since the cancer is back again, the doctors have planned another BMT procedure with an unrelated donor in mid-June.

"I will survive, I have belief in myself"

Debasree is known to be the Iron Lady of the house. Her sister says "she is the strongest person I have known in my life". When Debasree's siblings were planning to get married and settling abroad, she had made other plans. She wanted to look after her aging Ma - Baba and Her aunt - uncle(Her Father's Brother)

"She never had plans to settle down", she always wanted to stay and look after our parents - Urmila Debasree's sister.

Even today it is all due to Debasree that the family has not broken down and is rather optimistic about her recovery.
"Looking at her gives all of us the strength and makes us realize we can't think the life without her"

We just wonder how a frequent headache and vomiting lead to cancer

Before Debasree was diagnosed with cancer, she used to frequently complain of a headache and sometimes felt like vomiting. When doctors diagnosed her we were absolutely shocked to hear that, our sister never looked week and she was actually the fittest in our family.
Doctors suggested chemo cycles would be sufficient to kill cancer and she would not require any transplant procedure.

Even during her chemo cycles, she looked absolutely fine, she was responding well to medications with no side effects or complications.

We were hopeful that she will get cured soon. However, in Nov, 2016 it was identified that her condition was not improving and she was required to undergo the BMT transplant with our mother as the donor. She was a 50% match and everyone hoped this would be end to her ordeal.

But Cancer was reluctant to leave Debasree's body

The BMT transplant done is December 2016 was a success and subsequent chemo cycles done in January, March and April showed improvement. However in 119th day of the chemo cycle on the 24th May cancer relapsed.

It appeared like cancer did not want to leave her body and after all the efforts, the doctor had to again plan a BMT procedure which scheduled in mid of June.

Had it not been Rabindra Sangeet and Rezwana Choudhury Bannya her recovery had been difficult.

Debasree is a big fan of Rabindra Sangeet and is an excellent singer. She was never formally trained however her fondness to music and Rabindra Sangeet helped her train herself. She found her inspiration from the famous Rabindra Sangeet singer Rezwana Choudhury Bannya and even during her chemo cycles used to listen to her songs.
She is such a huge fan of her that she even went to Bangladesh to attend her concert.

She still says " I have Rizwana and Rabindra Sangeet in my life, everything will be fine eventually", in fact, people from her singing group and all her wishers helped us raise 12 lakhs last time through the fundraiser.

However, since we have already spent over 60 lakhs on her treatment. We have run out of all options to fund her new BMT procedure and seek support from the public so that we can save our sister.

Why should you contribute?

Debasree needs another 36 lakhs to ensure she gets cured completely cured of the disease.

The doctors have identified an unrelated donor with 100% match and plan to perform the transplant in June.

The family has spent everything on her treatment, one of her cousin sister, living in California arranged 40 lakhs for treatment.
Crowdfunding is the only hope for them to get to facilitate her recovery.

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