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A date with Flurys

Menu I am 5’6ft and must weigh around 42kgs. Needless to say, I look completely malnourished; anorexic even with all the frizz hair. But BELIEVE ME when I say this, FOOD, I LOVE FOOD. FOOD makes me HAPPY. I might eat relatively less in quantity but I am that person who has to taste everything spread out at a buffet. Hey you gotta try the types of achar (pickle) too okay! You know it hurts when people order two of the same dish on the table. Why would do that? Just Why?So it only made sense that I kick-start my very first weekend in the city of joy by exploring places to eat and chill. After shuffling Zomato for a while, I zeroed on Flurys. It is legendary for breakfast they said. Only to have known eventually, the place is so famous, the taxi guy will probably drop you right outside it.Flurys Special Tea They describe themselves as “the legendary tea room on fashionable Park Street”. It was founded in 1927 and has been serving European confectionaries since then. This place definitely comes with a lot of history and you could read all about it here.As I was alone and was planning on spending few good hours there, I took the table right next to the window. Peaceful it was to watch the ever so busy Park Street on mute through the glass wall sipping on beautifully brewed Flurys Special Tea.For food, I took my time with the menu (guilty of doing it at places with just five items on the menu too). There are some items marked with a H (stands for Heritage). Sushil, my waiter explained these dishes have not been changed since 1960s or so. Since I wanted to try a bit of everything, I ordered the heritage egg and mustard tea sandwiches and a rum ball. (confession: the portions were too small and I was too hungry to take pictures of them :P)I spent the next couple of hours soaking in the view, catching up on a good read and also over hearing a lot of gossip in the background. The place gets full around seven-ish in the evening with mostly the blazer wearing community catching up over tea. Real estate, Mamata Banerjee, office politics. Goes perfectly well with a hot brew I thought.DSC00194 2Seeing me intrigued in my read, Sushil asks me if I would like have anything else and offers me a lunch/dinner menu. This menu was introduced only in 2012; post the take over by Park Group of Hotels, is what I was told. I must admit the options are very limited and you would feel the pinch on pocket this time. But the satisfying view and a curious read urged me to order just to spend more time there. I ordered a Prawn Thermidor with sautéed vegetables and herb rice with a lemon iced tea. The prawn was extremely flavourful but overall the dish lacked a citrus punch to cut through all the creaminess (I love how Gary Mehigan I sound saying that :P)[caption id="attachment_6662" align="aligncenter" width="751"]Prawn Thermidor with sautéed vegetables and herb rice Prawn Thermidor with sautéed vegetables and herb rice[/caption]Spending four hours and one thousand two hundred thirty-six rupees, my Flurys’s experience was pricey but very satisfying. Would I recommend it? Hell yeah! But would strongly suggest to stick to the classic tea and its heritage menu. Also if you are new in the city and looking for food recommendations, Charles is your man. My good friend now and a chef working with Flurys from past 32 years; knows all about the city. I already have a list of places to cover. All thanks to Charles.