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Here's how an engineer turned entrepreneur and his IT friend cycled 2200 kms to help two special children

When Anant quit his engineering job to start a restaurant, he didn't give up his passion for cycling. Along, with starting a restaurant in the busy roads of Koramangala in Bangalore, he continued his cycling practice. He met Mahendra Bhaskar who shared a similar passion. Together they decided their passion could help the underprivileged. They cycled 2200 kms from Bangalore to Rajasthan to help two special children.

From Bangalore to Rajasthan to help a blind and a speech impaired

It was during a cycling event, Anant met Mahendra Bhaskar who shared a similar enthusiasm for cycling. While returning home, they decided to share a cab. From their initial conversation, they understood they lived close to each other.  When the cab stopped before Anant's house, Mahendra got out of the cab as well. Anant looked puzzled. Mahendra pointed his hand towards his house. "He is my neighbour. We haven't seen each other at all. It came as a real surprise."

Soon they started practicing together. Anant always wanted to do more than participating in competitions. He wanted his cycling expeditions to benefit somebody. He expressed his thoughts to Mahendra who was quick to act.  "He told me about a special home which looks after nearly 50 special children. The organization is Nutan Prabhat Seva Sansthan in Nagaur. He told me about two children, Babulal and Modhnath" says Anant. 

Their 2200 kms feat is helping Babulal and Modhnath

Nutan Prabhat Seva Sansthan is a school in the city of Nagaur that accommodates 48 specially abled children. They are a boon to the children of the nearby villages. Most of the families work for daily wages and have difficulties in looking after the education of their children. Nutan Prabhat Seva Sansthan helps them keep their hope while enabling them to strive for a better future.
Babulal cannot speak and Modhnath is blind. Their families are poor and are unable to support them. "Both their families are so poor that they are unable to even feed them. Educating them is not even in their thoughts", says Anant.

Anant and Mahendra completed 8 days of cycling and  covered the distance of 2200 kilometers, from Bangalore to Rajasthan. They aimed to cover a distance of average 250-300 km's a day to achieve this feat.

How you can help

Anant and Mahendra have completed their first cycling expedition. With their support, Babulal and Modhnath can continue their education for a year or so, but they still don't have enough money to continue for few years. With our support, they can complete their education till they finish their secondary education.

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