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5 Tips to Connect Better with Your Donors

For anyone who starts a campaign is it fundraising for a new school, raising aid for the needy or for helping the affected due to a natural calamity; the main motive is to drive more and more donors to contribute and join with your campaign.
At Milaap, while we help towards driving traffic towards your campaign, there are many other steps that you can take to make your campaign a successful one.
  • Content that Connects: Your story is the first point of connection between you and your prospective donors. Do not shy away from mentioning all the details. Clearly, state the problem, what the current situation is, what is the solution, the amount and how will a contribution help you.
  • A Donor’s Dilemma: Understand that someone who is contributing towards the campaign in good faith, wants to be ensured that it was worth every penny. While Milaap takes care to ensure the legitimacy and credibility of a campaign; you can show your gratitude by small gestures like sending a handwritten thank you or even a rose to each one who contributes.
  • Make it a Journey: Establish a relationship with the donors. Take them along and walk them through the whole process. They deserve to see what good they have done to you. Trust us, when a campaign is successful there is no bound to a donor’s happiness.
  • Be the Host: If you get to know that the donors are located somewhere near you, meet with them, invite them to a small community dinner or have an interactive session with them. Put your skills and creativity to use, you can express love by gifting them a handmade card or whip them up what you cook best.
  • Interact to Attract: Know your donors as much as they know you, wish them on their special days and make them a part of your life. Don’t gain only donors; gain friends and well-wishers for life.