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Cattle rearing makes these women hopeful, secure and proud

I haven’t yet had a chance to visit Arbhanvi and meet Shobha. But I did have an opportunity to meet with other members of her group during my visit to Nidagundi. Nestled among the grandeur of nature, Nidagundi is a beautiful village located in the Belgaum district of Karnataka. After moving through dirt paths gently winding up and down the village, I reached Nillavva’s house. She already knew who I was because I had met with other borrowers in Nidagundi earlier. She came smiling out of her house and showed me the place where she keeps her goats. 

Along with the other SHG members of Nidagundi, Nillavva took a Milaap loan a few months back to expand her cattle rearing business. She was able to buy goats with the loan amount which helped her to have a little financial security.

I also got to meet with Nanda Kamble. She also took a loan to expand her cattle rearing business and she bought a buffalo with the loan amount. Selling buffalo’s milk provides her with additional monthly income and she is able to save a little as well. But money is not the only motivating factor for these women. Nanda felt proud and happy. Cattle rearing is not just a business for her, it keeps her busy and provides a sense of pride and security. 

Both Nilavva and Nanda are former Devadasis. Today they work hard to retain their dignity and freedom and cattle rearing business has transformed their lives for the better. They both work in farms as well and have started repaying their loans.

Nilavva along with her goat