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Is the Indian workforce finally opening its doors to the differently abled?

The National Skill Development Corporation recently published a white paper on skilling and employment opportunities for differently abled. The paper points out that the differently abled constitute around 6% of our population and of these only a paltry 1% succeed in finding employment in the mainstream job market.In the light of these statistics, it is inspiring to see organizations like Lemon Tree Hotels actively employing differently abled and giving them a shot at leading fruitful lives and contribute actively to the economy. But before you brush this video aside as being a mere "charitable activity" of one organization, consider this:Coca-cola has employed differently abled people as bottle inspectors in their bottling factories. They have discovered that that people with hearing impairments work better in environments where bottles are constantly clanking and decibel levels are high.Cafe Coffee Day has realised that the differently abled make excellent baristas as they have a heightened sense of smell. And we all know the importance of coffee that smells great.As the NSDC white paper points out, employing differently abled is not just "charitable" but it makes complete business sense as well. differently abled people perform exceptionally well when they are given jobs that suit them. They are more productive and are more likely to stick to a job for longer. What's more, the economic contributions of actively employed differently abled people will be in the tune of 3-5% of the GDP.Here at Milaap, Aditya Mehta is an inspiration. He is a para cyclist from Hyderabad, who bounced back from an accident thanks to his love for cycling. Aditya now hopes to raise awareness about the challenges faced by the differently abled and help them achieve their dreams. He is assisting 3 amazing athletes, through his Aditya Mehta foundation, procure equipment for their training. You can donate to fulfill his dream here.Now, thanks to Milaap Open, you too can help assimilate the differently abled into the mainstream workforce. If you know an organization that is helping differently abled people through skills training, harness your social network to not just raise awareness but also funds to help these organizations achieve their goals.

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