After A Tough Battle With Cancer, 4-year-old Yashasvi Needs Help To Beat A Fatal Viral Infection | Milaap
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After A Tough Battle With Cancer, 4-year-old Yashasvi Needs Help To Beat A Fatal Viral Infection

4-year-old Bhogi Yashasvi did not have balloons and clowns at her birthday parties. She blew the candle out on a hospital bed with doctors and nurses singing 'Happy Birthday!' She spent most of her life-fighting cancer, and although crowdfunding helped her find a cure, she is back again on that hospital bed fighting a dangerous viral infection. She no longer the inquisitive, playful child that was smiling through her treatment. She is tired and her father Adinarayana needs help saving her life one last time.

Bhogi Yashasvi with her parents

The ordeal did not end with a bone-marrow transplant

Yashasvi's parents were shattered when they first learnt that their little baby had aggressive blood cancer. Even worse was knowing she needed a bone-marrow transplant that cost Rs 30 lakhs. But the biggest shock to them came when the procedure created some very difficult complications.

Yashasvi got a bone-marrow transplant last February. Her father collected the amount from an insurance as well as successful crowdfunding. From March to May, she was much better, but after those first three months, when she became sick her parents knew something was not right. 

“They said she has a graft-versus-host disease where her body is attacking the new cells. She also has a viral infection in her stomach. Both the conditions are deadly and need immediate treatment but they can't be treated together. We can treat only one. Nothing in my life prepared me to make such a choice for my baby,” says Adinarayana.

Yashasvi a few months before her bone-marrow transplant

Yashasvi needs sustained prolonged treatment for another few months. She needs an expensive drug Cidofovir – which costs Rs 1 lakh per vial. Over the last two years, the family has paid bills of over Rs 40 lakhs. They have nothing left to complete their daughter's treatment.

With treatment, Yashasvi can finally beat her cancer

The only upside is that with slow treatment and the right drugs, her chances of getting better are good. The last two years have been brutal for Yashasvi and her family. They have all undergone a lot of change because of the constant fear for Yashasvi's health.

Her mother is always with Yashasvi - taking care of her

“The one who has changed most is my wife Satyavani. Before all this, I would never have guessed how much courage she has. She is with Yashasvi all the time and her faith that she will get better never, ever falters. She has kept us going, no matter how bad things got,” explains Adinarayana.

Adinarayana had to manage a job in Anantapur, Andhra Pradesh, with his child's treatment in Bangalore. Every second day, he needed to finish work and come to spend some time with his wife and child. He is emotionally exhausted and only focus on getting Yashasvi back helps him stay calm.

“Words cannot express what we have gone through. My mind feels like it has broken into painful pieces. The only thing that holds me together is the wish that my daughter gets better. I focus on that when I feel lost and hopeless. I keep praying to God to make her better,” explains Adinarayana. 

How you can help

The treatment has taken a toll on Yashasvi. She has been taking chemotherapy for over two years. She is now tired and listless and has even stopped talking about going back to school. If she gets treatment for a bit longer, she can make a complete recovery. The only problem is her parents cannot afford it.

Contribute and help this family finally have the happy ending they need.  

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