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This Poor Father is Running out of Precious Time To Save His Baby

Ganesh and Anju Yadav were excited about the arrival of a little angel to the family. Their son’s joy knew no bounds when he got to know that he has a little sister to play with. But the happiness did not last long. They never imagined that the hospital would become a second home for the newborn baby because she was diagnosed with congenital heart disease. This 7-month-old baby Vedika has spent most of her short life in hospital.
Baby Vedika in Hospital

Baby Vedika is Struggling to Breathe and Her body Turns Blue

Ganesh and Anju are from Bilaspur, Chhattisgarh. Even before they could fully experience the happiness of having a new baby, the little one began to show scary symptoms. She cried all day. Her lips, skin and nails turned blue and she was struggling to breathe. Her worried parents rushed her to the hospital. She was diagnosed with a congenital heart defect. Her valve was missing and she has two holes in her heart.

“It is hard to come to terms with; she should be at home now. She should be sitting and smiling like any other child of her age but she is in the hospital. It is heartbreaking to see her unable to breathe without the ventilator”
Ganesh and Anju with their baby Vedika

Father not Willing to Give up Despite What Doctors Told Him

Ganesh did not want to believe what the doctors said. He consulted at least 4 doctors hoping that anyone would prove it false. Finally, he gave in. The little one underwent a surgery in Chennai to fix the valve. She had to undergo another surgery for the breathing problem. Doctors said that her average lifespan would be very short and since then, every moment has been one of anxiety for the parents. Ganesh is willing to do everything possible to save the angel of their family – Vedika.

“I get to hold her, but if I hold her too long and then put her down she starts to cry and that again affects her breathing”

Parents have No Money – Neither for the Treatment nor for Food

Ganesh was working in a car showroom for a salary of Rs 6,000. Now, he had quit his job and is staying with his baby with absolutely no income. He and Anju are struggling and they don’t have a single rupee left to continue the treatment. They eat food provided by the local Gurudwara and even sleep outside it.

“Every path is truly closed for me. Now, I find myself in the powerless situation where I can no longer work or pay to save my baby’s life. We do not have money even to eat. I just want her to come back home.”

Anju holding her baby Vedika

Father Stopped Sending his Son to School

Ganesh has left his son with his elderly parents. He is forced to stop his education as he cannot afford it anymore. The boy is not able to understand why they have stopped sending him to school and why his sister is in the hospital for such a long time. He has hardly any memories of his sister. He is missing his parents terribly.

How Can You Help

Ganesh needed Rs 1.5 lakh for the surgery and he pleaded with everyone he knew and managed to pay Rs 1.2 lakh. He needs 4 lakhs more to cover the cost of respiratory support and take Vedika back home. Leaving one’s child in such a situation is heartbreaking for any parent. You can help baby Vedika with your contribution.

Supporting Document

 The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organiser or the medical team.

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