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Teacher’s 16-Day-Old Baby Has Only A Few Days Left To Get A Life-Saving Heart Surgery

I just have 14 days to save my baby’s life. The day we finally took him home was supposed to be the happiest day of our lives, instead, it was the most terrified we’ve ever been. We had no choice but to stop his treatment because I’m struggling to even buy his medicines now. Our baby cries so much, and suddenly stops and struggles to breathe. Every time this happens, we think it’s the last time.” - Mahesh, the baby boy's father.

After hours of pacifying their sick baby, Mahesh and Suma finally find a quiet moment for themselves. But even in those few moments of silence, all they worry about is whether this will be their last night as parents. Their baby boy’s severe heart condition is only getting worse with time. The only thing that can save him is an urgent heart surgery in the next 2 weeks. Without which, their baby won’t make it.

A few hours after his birth, his condition began to deteriorate considerably 

On 17th June, Mahesh and Suma welcomed a beautiful baby boy, but instead of hearing his cries, they heard his quiet gasps for breath. He was immediately placed on oxygen support, but within hours, Mahesh was told that their son was fighting more than they had imagined.

The night of his birth, I rushed him to a hospital in Hyderabad. My wife stayed back in the hospital in our hometown, unaware that our son’s condition was more serious than we thought. It was only 5 days later that she saw him. She was still recovering from the c-section, her stitches hadn’t healed. She was physically and emotionally fragile. It took me many days to tell her that our baby might die without treatment.”

Mahesh and Suma’s 16-day-old baby not only has a hole in his heart, but also a congenital heart disease, due to which his heart can’t pump blood properly to the rest of his body. He needs a heart surgery at the earliest to survive this disease. His parents are desperate, but they can’t afford his life-saving treatment.

Mahesh’s income as a teacher isn’t enough to afford his baby's life-saving surgery

Mahesh was newly appointed as a teacher in a college in his small town in Nalgonda district, Telangana. With a new job and the birth of his baby, he and Suma finally thought that their life was on the right track. Unfortunately, all their dreams came crashing down. Mahesh now needs 5 lakhs to save his baby, but after spending all his savings on his treatment so far, he has nothing left. He had no option but to take his baby back home. With little left to call their own, all Mahesh and Suma can now do is wait for a miracle.

How You Can Help

Mahesh and Suma’s baby boy needs a heart surgery in the next two weeks to survive. Each day without the surgery is only pushing him closer to his parents’ worst nightmare – death. Only a few days in this world and the baby boy is already enduring a world of pain. He needs your support to survive with heart terrible heart disease.

Your support will save Mahesh and Suma's baby boy's life.

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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