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Farmer’s Newborn Baby may Lose His life if He Does Not Undergo an Open Heart Surgery

Kavitha's new born baby is suffering from a severe heart condition. The baby should undergo an open heart surgery to survive. His parents are struggling to keep their son alive. They cannot afford the treatment and this has put the baby’s life in danger.

Newborn baby had breathing trouble within minutes of birth

The little one has to undergo surgery at the earliest

Anandan and Kavitha have a 7-year-old son Vinayagam. After seven years of his birth, Kavitha became pregnant again. Unfortunately, at the 8-month scan, they were given the news that their little one was not all right. They were also told that he could be cured by taking medications. They were hopeful that their baby will be born healthy but fate had other plans.

Within minutes of birth, the baby had difficulty in breathing and found hard to intake milk.  Baby was rushed to neonatal intensive care unit where a number of tests were carried out. It was found that baby has a severe heart condition and urgently needs to undergo an open heart surgery to survive. Owing to the complexities of the condition, surgery, and treatment they came to Chennai.  

Baby has to undergo a surgery to survive

“We found out that baby has a serious health issue when I was 8 months pregnant. It was a difficult time, but I knew I had to stay strong to ensure the well-being of my child. Now it is 10 days since he is born and we continue to fight for his life”

Kavitha is devastated to know the condition of the baby

Kavitha has hardly recovered from post-delivery pain and she is shattered to know about the critical condition of the baby. She pleads doctor to save her baby. This tragic event has brought much sorrow and hardship to the 7-year-old Vinayagam. He was waiting for the baby to come home, he is too young to understand the baby’s condition. He is missing his parents terribly and now he is taken care by his grandmother.
His parents cannot afford for the treatment

Anandan is a farmer and he earns on average Rs 8000 per month. A few years back he fell down from a tree and got terribly hurt in right hand. He can hardly lift any weight with his right hand and he can use only his left hand to work. He is totally helpless but he is willing to do anything to save his son.

“I cannot use my right hand to carry heavy weight, I can work only on one hand so I can hardly find any job. With the very meager amount that I get is used for our meals. Even if I work the whole year I’ll not be able to arrange money for the treatment. I can’t lose my baby at any cost”

Newborn baby may lose his life without a surgery

How can you help

Anandan has to support his wife, children, and his parents also. With the meager income, he can barely meet the ends. Baby has to undergo an open heart surgery at the earliest or it may turn fatal. They require Rs 3 lakhs for the surgery. Only your contributions can save this baby’s life.

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