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I Need Your Help Because There Were No Ventilators At Government Hospitals When My Son Was Dying

2 days from the due date, Chandrakala and I were excited about meeting our child. We went to the hospital for a checkup just to be reassured. Nothing could have prepared us to hear, “We have to do a C-section now, the baby is in distress.” Our baby was born that day, and we have not held him even once because he is fighting to stay alive.

What should have been a joyous day for Annaiyya and Chandrakala turned into a nightmare when their baby was delivered in a C-section only to have respiratory distress. The little one has been fighting an infection that caused bleeding from his nose and mouth. Ever since, he has been in the ICU, on the ventilator.

He was bleeding from nose and mouth

“When we heard that the amniotic fluid was gone, and we had to deliver, we rushed to a government hospital. The C-section was done, and he was not breathing. At the time, he needed a ventilator, but the hospital could not spare any. He was in the ICU under observation. For a day, my son was alright, the next day, his infection got worse. With a very low platelet count, no life support, he began bleeding.”
Annaiyya made calls to hospitals across the city. None of them could help his baby boy. Frustrated and left with no choice, he decided to rush to Aster. He knew it was unaffordable, but it was the only way to save his baby boy. He was bleeding from every orifice, and they had to do something.

If I had not taken him to a private hospital, I would have lost my son 

“They rushed him to the ICU, treated his infection, hooked him to the ventilator. It has taken time for my son to battle whatever is hurting him. Yesterday they turned off the ventilator and tried feeding him a little milk. He is stable, but we need to give him more time.
Chandrakala was recently discharged from the ICU. She is home and has seen her child only once. Neither of the parents has held their child since he was born. They are drowning in tears, and yearning to bring him home.

We need your support to save his life 

“I have a daughter. We have 9 girls in this family. He is the first boy of his generation. He is special. We cannot lose him. I am a cab driver. I hardly make Rs. 10,000/month. I have paid over 1.5 Lakhs already. I cannot afford the treatment costs. I did not have a choice. My son would have died if I did not come here. I need your help to continue his treatment.”
This baby boy needs ICU care for the next 20 days. The cost of treatment is estimated at Rs. 5 lakhs. Chandrakala and her husband need your help to save their baby boy’s life and bring him home.

Contribute now, and give this baby boy a chance to live the life he deserves.

Supporting Documents

The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.
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