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My 8-month-old Daughter Needs A Third Life-saving Surgery And We Can't Afford It

Gajalakshmi and Jayakumar were overwhelmed with joy when Kalaiarasi was born. They waited 8 years to welcome this miracle into their lives but things soon turned dark for this family. Baby Kalaiarasi was rushed to ICU soon after her birth for an urgent surgery.

Scans showed that the baby had a problem but parents hoped that it would be cured

After 8 long years after marriage, Gajalakshi discovered that she was pregnant. The happy event was something the couple had been waiting for. They were simply thrilled. Their nightmare began when the eighth-month scan showed that the baby had a lump in her lung. But the doctors said it could be cured with medicines after birth.

Baby was diagnosed with a severe respiratory problem

Gajalakshmi and Jayakumar’ s hopes were shattered when the baby was taken to ICU soon after her birth. The baby was diagnosed with a severe respiratory condition called Tracheoesophagal fistula. She had a surgery within 3 days of birth. It was only after the surgery that they finally got the chance to hold their baby. They went back home and gave her a beautiful name - Kalaiarasi. But the happiness was not to last - within a months, her health declined again and she was back in the hospital.

8-month-old Kalaiarasi is just too small for a third life-saving surgery 

Kalaiarasi is just 8-months-old but she has had two surgeries already. Her breathing trouble continues and she has a perpetual cold. The little one needs another surgery to completely recover, but she is just too small. She has to gain some weight, but all the medication and hospitalisation have eaten up all her baby fat and muscles. She weighs only 2.6 kgs. She needs to be at least 3.5 kgs to be fit for surgery.

“She was with us at home for less than a month. When she giggled for the first time, it was a rare and touching moment of joy in these tragic 8 months. I can never forget the first time she smiled. It is heartbreaking to see her in the ventilator. I waited for her for years but it remains uncertain if I will have her. I can’t imagine life without her,” says Gajalakshmi

Father says he cannot lose the child after waiting for 8 long years

Jayakumar is a mechanic and the ordeal has been just as difficult for him. But for his wife and child, he has no other choice but to stay strong. Since the baby was born he has been running from pillar to post to arrange money for treatment. He is helpless but he thinks of little Kalaiarasi has God's blessing and he is determined to save her.

“God can't have made us wait so long just to have a glimpse of her and then lose her. Our greatest wish was to raise a child together and give it a happy life. But our precious child struggles to even breathe. We want to save her at any cost,” says Jayakumar

How you can help

Jayakumar is the sole breadwinner of the family and he has already spent Rs 6 lakhs for treatment. The parents need Rs 6 lakhs more for the surgery and further treatment. He has borrowed heavily from his friends and family and there is no one left for him to ask for help. Jayakumar and Gajalakshmi need your help to save their only child. Only your contributions can help them.

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