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5-month-old Baby Aditya's Life Can Be Changed With An Urgent Surgery

Baby Aditya is only 5-months-old. He is suffering from a condition known as Craniosynostosis, and needs to undergo an urgent surgery. His father Kalpo, a sweeper has mortgaged all his belongings. The condition was not diagnosed earlier by local doctors. The father has already spent most of the money on travelling from one place to another, desperate for a diagnosis.
The swelling in their baby’s head scared them.
When Kalpotaru and his wife Gayatri noticed a swelling in their baby’s head, it worried them. The young parents consulted several local doctors who diagnosed their 5-month-old with an accumulation of water in the head, but could give no definite diagnosis. Desperate, the couple rushed to Bangalore, where their baby was finally diagnosed with an unusual condition.

Baby Aditya was diagnosed with Craniosynostosis.
In his 5th month, Aditya was diagnosed with Craniosynostosis., a condition that causes fibrous joints in the head to fuse together. Because the skull cannot expand perpendicular to the fused suture, it compensates by growing more in the direction parallel to the closed sutures. As the baby grows up, this could turn into a major problem, and impair his development entirely.
The baby needs an urgent surgery.
Aditya’s father Kalpotoru is a sweeper. He earns hardly Rs. 2000 a month. Desperate to save his only child, the man has mortgaged all of his belongings. Unfortunately, most of the money he got was spent on travelling to get a proper diagnosis. The baby now needs an urgent surgery, in order to live a normal life. 
How you can help.
Kalpo is very apprehensive about his baby’s future, since the last checkup showed the condition has already started to affect baby Aditya’s brain development. A surgery to correct the structure of the skull would cost over Rs. 1 Lakh. The poor sweeper has no way to save his baby without our help. Any contribution towards this fundraiser will go towards baby Adithy’s surgery. Your support can help a sweeper save his only child’s life.