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This 5 year-old Child of a Poor Labourer Needs a Heart Surgery

Annamalai, 5-year-old child is the youngest son of Muthuraj and Annanidhi. He was a beautiful, happy newborn who showed no symptoms or signs of distress. But when he was a 3-month-old baby, doctors found that he is suffering from congenital heart disease which is a closure of a hole in the heart wall.


When he was just 3-month-old he was diagnosed with a heart disease

Muthuraj and his family were rejoicing the arrival of a newborn baby to the family. They named their son after the family God. Annamalai is the apple of their eyes. Muthuraj recollects the unfortunate day where they noticed that his son was struggling to breathe and they rushed him to hospital. After a string of scans and tests, they heard those dreaded words “he has congenital heart disease”. He has to undergo a surgery to close the hole in his heart wall.

“Since then we are having sleepless nights. He is only 5-year-old but unfortunately, he is going through a lot of pain. Every time I hear his heart beating aloud, I would think he is dying. I hold him tight so that he won’t let us live alone”

Annamalai with his parents and elder sister

He doesn’t like to see his parents worried about his condition

Annamalai is always active and he is always seen playing with his friends. But there are days he just lies on the bed struggling to breathe. But regardless of the pain, he is going through, he asks his parents not to be sad and cry. This is definitely not a boy of his age could do, but he does. His parents have been taking him to the hospital every now and then to find a solution. He pleads them to let him go to the playschool near his house but the parents are worried and restless. Doctors said that only a surgery can save him from this life-threatening disease.

“When seeing my son suffering is depressing enough, my inability to save his life is even more frustrating. I can’t go anywhere leaving him alone”

How you can help

Life for Annamalai’s parents has never been an easy one. They have spent the last 5 years running around to gather funds for his surgery. Muthuraj works as a laborer and earns 10,000 per month. Of late he has started working on Sundays to save money for the surgery. He needs rupees 2 lakhs for the surgery and unfortunately, it is beyond his means. Your contribution can save the little one.

Supporting Document

 The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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