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Anand is his family's hope for a better life – unless he loses his life to kidney failure

Anand is a 21-year-old fighting end-stage kidney disease. His kidneys have completely stopped working and he needs painful dialysis thrice a week. Only a kidney transplant can save him. His mother is a sweeper in a government office and needs help saving her young son.

The doctors did not diagnose Anand's condition till it was too late

Two months back, Anand became sick. He had vomiting that didn't stop. When his mother took him to a hospital, the doctors ran tests and everything seemed normal. He was given medicines to stop vomitting. But it always came back when he stopped taking them.

Anand with his mother Kumari

“We took him to the doctors but they said everything was all right. When he finally just collapsed – his creatinine count was 35(people with normal kidneys have 0.5-1.5). Over the months – his kidneys were getting damaged and we didn't catch it in time,”explains Nadhu – Anand's older brother.

Anand was heartbroken and depressed when he found out that his kidneys had failed. He had finished a diploma in automobiles and wanted to find a good job and learn more. With the diagnosis, Anand felt like his life was over. But slowly, he realised that he had a good chance of getting better if he found a donor in time.

Anand's mother Kumari wants to donate her kidney to her youngest child so he can be saved before his body is too exhausted to recover. Kumari ears only Rs 6,000 and she and Nadhu have taken loans and spent over Rs 3.5 lakhs on treatment so far.

Anand before he became sick

Anand is his mother's strength through tough times

Anand's parents separated 8 years back because of his father's drinking problem. Since then, his mother has taken care of him and his brother. But it has not been an easy thing for her to bring up her two children alone. 

“When father left us, she was shattered and that left her somewhat fragile. She is always worrying because she feels vulnerable and alone. But where we are concerned – she is always there for us. She is donating her kidneys to Anand – unafraid of  what it'll mean for her,” Nadhu explains. 

Nadhu had to quit studies to supplement the family income. Anand is the family's hope – the one who can still study and make it big in life. After going through so many hardships the thought of Anand lifting himself out of poverty is what kept Kumari going. 

Anand (left) with Nadhu

But now, he is so sick he can't get up. Anand is weak and tired and needs a kidney transplant to save him. Even their joint income is not enough to raise money in time. Help Kumari and Nadhu save Anand and get him a kidney transplant that will save his life. Contribute now. 

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.