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My 3-year-old Son Will Get Brain Damaged Or Die Without An Urgent Liver Transplant

“At any moment his condition can go from good to terrifying. Even a small infection can escalate and become fatal. He’s been living with this deadly condition since birth, and now he can’t go on any longer without a liver transplant. It’s the only thing that can save my baby’s life.”

3-year-old Abdul’s childhood has been a painful journey so far. When Abdul is racing around the house on his walker, Samad and Misbah watch him with caution. He’s so full of life, but a fatal disease can brutally snatch their Abdul away from them at any moment. Abdul’s condition is rare and severe. He has a disease which makes it difficult for his body to break down certain proteins. It’s extremely crucial that his protein levels are maintained, and he’s protected from any infection, else little Abdul risks brain damage, or worse, death. The only solution for his condition is a life-saving liver transplant.

Abdul has had a childhood like no other, where even a common cold can be fatal

He catches a cold, and the next thing we know, he’s struggling to breathe and we’re rushing him to the hospital. Over these 3 years, he’s fallen sick so often, and it takes him weeks to recover from it. This has slowed down his developmental progress. He’s 3-years-old, but still can’t walk on his own because his legs are not strong enough, he needs a walker. He can’t speak yet. He can’t even eat regular food or drink regular milk like other children. His diet is extremely restricted. He doesn’t know what a ‘normal’ childhood is. To him, this is normal.”

Abdul has a rare and serious disease called Maple Syrup Urine Disease due to which the body can’t break down amino acids in the body. The collection of these amino acids in the blood, in turn, become life-threatening. Abdul can’t eat regular protein like everyone else, he has a special diet. His protein needs to be monitored, and he’s taken for tests every other day. Abdul risks seizures and brain damage every day without strict monitoring of his diet and surroundings. Within seconds, he could slip into a serious condition.

Samad and Misbah are desperate to give their only son a pain-free future

When Abdul is not sick, he’s energetic and cheerful. He loves going out and often signals to his parents that he wants to go out and play. It breaks Samad’s heart to say no to his son, but he knows that it’s the only way Abdul can stay protected and safe from dangerous infections. His only trips are to the hospital.

“Every trip to the hospital is only a cruel reminder of the battle our son is fighting. Our first baby was only 22 days when we lost him to the same disease. We couldn’t find out what was wrong with him in time then and before we knew it, he was taking his last breath in the hospital. That really broke us. When Abdul was born, we found out about his disease early on, but we couldn’t even be relieved. This has been especially hard for my wife. She spends all day with him. She sees and feels his struggle. His fight is long from over though. Each day that he goes without a liver transplant is only pushing him closer to death.”

It’s been 3 long years of pain and suffering for little Abdul, and his agony can end with a liver transplant

Without this liver transplant, my son doesn’t have a chance. It’s the only thing that will cure him of this disease that has taken over his life. He deserves to have a childhood filled with learning, games, friends and happiness. It kills me that he can’t have a chance at any of that only because I can’t afford the liver transplant. I’ve done everything I could do in these 3 years. We’ve spent nearly 14 lakhs for his treatment so far. Another 16 lakhs for his transplant is beyond our reach now. I have got by with my savings and help from my family, but now we’re at a dead end.”

How You Can Help

Samad works for a private company. The monthly expenses for Abdul’s treatment far exceed his income. Samad has now exhausted all his savings to try and save his son. Abdul needs an urgent liver transplant to survive. Misbah is a suitable donor match and the doctors are positive about his recovery with the transplant. Without timely treatment, Abdul can suffer serious brain damage and die. Samad and Misbah desperately need your help to save their only son.

Your support can save Abdul’s life.

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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