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This Farmer Is Struggling To Keep His Cancer-Ridden Son In The Hospital On Zero Income

“He says, ‘Please appa, the needles are very painful, I just want to go home' but I can't tell him that it's the only thing keeping him alive. I tell him he'll be fine soon, but I know that if I can't afford his treatment, he won't make it."
Jaya started gasping for breath the minute the doctor said her 6-year-old son has blood cancer. Vinod held on to a trembling Krupason, who cried uncontrollably as he watched his unconscious mother being taken away by the doctorsThe news was more than what Jaya could handle, and Vinod knew that a painful emotional and financial battle lay ahead of them. But above all, their little son would have to fight death every day and say goodbye to the life he once knew and loved.

Krupason's childhood has been brutally snatched away from him 

 A month before he was diagnosed with cancer, Krupason had stopped eating completely. His fever was relentless, and even his favorite sweet would remain untouched on his plate. Since November last year, Krupason has had one cycle of chemotherapy. He still has 5 months of chemotherapy, and 2 more years of treatment ahead of him, and as much as the hospital scares him, it’s his only chance to survive this disease.

“The thought of losing our son has broken my wife completely. Krupason cries all the time asking us to take him home. He doesn’t understand what cancer is or how dangerous it can be. He’s only a child who thinks his fever will go away with injections and medicines. But when he gets a fever and cold every 10 days, I wonder if there’s an end to all this.

Vinod was forced to make heartbreaking choices 

“My three children are my life. I never thought life would put me in a place where I would have to choose between them. My younger daughter (4) has a hole in her heart and also needs treatment. While trying to continue his chemotherapy, I'm also trying to save money for her treatment. Every day I pray that my decisions don’t cost my children their lives.”

His parents can barely afford a meal, they're struggling every day to continue Krupason's treatment

Vinod hasn’t had an easy life, but he works hard every day to make sure his family is afloat. Unfortunately, the life he built for his wife and kids, is now crumbling. Constant trips to the hospital have kept Vinod away from work for months now. Jaya is now too weak to work and spends her days by Krupason’s hospital bed.

How You Can Help

Vinod and Jaya used work as daily wage labourer’s on other’s farms and barely made Rs. 300 on a good day, but now they're both out of jobs. Krupason’s fight has just begun, and only 5 months of chemotherapy and 2 years of medication can save his life from blood cancer. Vinod can’t even afford a hospital visit without borrowing money, let alone 2 years of treatment. If Vinod is forced to stop treatment, Krupason won't make it. 

“I’ve spent nearly 5 lakhs on his treatment so far, and all of it has been borrowed. I’m trying to handle everything on my own, but I feel like I’m failing. I can’t even afford a meal for my family with my own money, I have nothing left. I have to borrow money for even a train ticket to the city where his hospital is.”

Your support will save Krupason’s life.

Supporting Document

The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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