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A brand new sewing machine, a shop in the Balcony

Lalrammuani runs a small tailoring shop from the balcony of her house in Ramthar, Aizawl. She took a loan of Rs 20,000 in June last year to buy a new sewing machine, dress materials and other decorative items. She had always been stitching different things on a small scale for her friends and family. The loan has helped her to buy a new sewing machine on her own, which was much needed. After taking the loan she was also able to place a bulk order of dress materials from Silchar,Assam.
Lalrammuani lives with her husband and three kids. While her husband works for Mizoram police her two sons study in tenth and ninth standard and her daughter studies in seventh standard. She starts work by nine when her kids leave for school and works through the after in the bright sunlight, in her balcony. She says depending on the orders, on a busy day, she makes around three dresses and sometimes if there are intricate designs to be made it takes about two days to finish a garment. She also stitches curtains. Lalrammuani says that she is content at the pace and scale at which her business is running.

Lalrammuani in her small tailoring shop