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This Independence Day, Triple Your Loan Impact!

The Boy Without A Dream

What did you dream of being as a child? Did you want to be a fireman? An astronaut? A teacher? Did your plans change as you grew? Did you want to see the world, make money? Were you one of the few who wanted to make the world a better place?Raj did not have a dream. He was a simple boy from a small village on the outskirts of bustling Hubli. All he wanted was to grow up and care for his father. A man of modest means, Raj's father ensured that his children went to school. Grateful for the opportunity, Raj studied and cleared his Class 11 and Class 12 Pre-University exams. But in a country of millions, the unskilled 20-year-old couldn't get a job with his basic education. He often watched other young men head into town for work, their smart office badges slung from lanyards. Unemployed, Raj believed he was a failure. He stopped trying, and lost his ambition.Until, one day, his sister brought news of a program by Milaap and Gravity that empowered rural youth to take charge of their future. Encouraged, Raj applied. Today, the transformation is remarkable. See for yourself. He's here to tell you his story.

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Simple Aspirations

Like Raj, thousands of rural Indian youth seek support to realize their simple dreams. Folks like you empower their aspirations through vocational training provided by Milaap's partners like Gravity in Karnataka, Edubridge in Maharashtra, and Mahashakti Foundation in Odisha.  They acquire technical, professional, and computer skills, secure jobs, and repay their loans.

Young professionals like Srinivas dream of becoming a manager, and a career in Hotel Management some day. Thanks to contributions from Milaap's lenders, Srinivas is on his way to turning his dreams into reality.


Heena, a Dharwad girl, wanted freedom from a future that only held an early marriage; she wanted to earn, and support her younger sister's education. Sunil, a farmer's son from Bhakarwadi, Maharashtra, wanted a future free from manual labor; he aspired to an office job that would support his family.

Aided by small study loans from people like you, they are realizing their dreams. Heena, on completing her course at Gravity, got hired by Café Coffee Day. "I want to start studying for an Arts degree and work towards a promotion. With my first salary, I'll pay off part of my study loan," she beams.

Set Them Free

The youth of rural India have something in common with you: their aspiration to secure better jobs and a better quality of life. And if you take a closer look, you'll see that their dreams have startlingly selfless roots. These rural youth want to support their families. They want to put their younger siblings through college. They want to educate and uplift the future generations.


Education unlocks opportunities and sets you free. Small loans have helped rural youth across India access the education they deserve, the vocational training they need. As India approaches its 67th Independence Day, we're gearing up to empower thousands more. Starting today and all through August, the National Skill Development Corp (NSDC) is going to triple the impact of every rupee and dollar you fundraise on Milaap towards empowering a deserving youth.  You can also write to about your interest in educating a student and we will setup a page for you.


We are campaigning to unshackle the bonds that hold these youth back, set them free to dream and aspire. Spread the word. Start a campaign and do your bit. Let's Skill India![gallery type="thumbnails" ids="3897,3989,3890"]

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