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5 Important Focus Areas That India Still Needs To Work On!

India - beautiful destinations, amazing food, myriad cultures, a forceful population. Yes, these are the first few things that come to a person's mind when we talk about the country. Milaap works in 5 sectors amongst the hundreds jostling for attention in India. We decided to bring you something you should know about each of the sectors that we work in. Impact Areas Education: 90% of jobs in India need some sort of vocational training as they are “skill-based”. Only 5% of the workforce has formal vocational training. Now you know why your plumber never shows up. Too much demand, too little supply!Enterprise: Over 60% of India’s 42.12 million strong enterprise industry, is from the rural sector. Small business are starting to flourish all over India now.Energy: If a solar “powerhouse” was set up in the Thar Desert, sources say that it could bring light to 5 of Asia’s biggest cities! Move over, powercuts, this is India’s day in the sun!Water: Statistics show that in rural India, women spend between 1-4 hours a day collecting water. Put together, that could add up to 900 hours a year out of about 4300 waking hours. That’s 20% of their lives in a year being spent collecting water. Something to make you think twice about leaving that sprinkler on indefinitely, right?Sanitation: Awareness is as much of a problem as lack. The government constructs about 20 millions toilets every year, but that far exceeds the demand. At the same time, the River Ganga has 1.1m liters of raw sewage entering it per minute. Not just the construction of sewage lines, something else seems to have gone wrong as well!You can do your bit to change any one of these scenarios today. Click here, find a cause you want to support, and transformation is just a click away.