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5 Acts of Kindness That Have Changed the World

This Joy of Giving Week (2nd-8th October), we share five acts of kindness that has touched hearts across. They defied all odds that came their way and emerged winners in the battle of life. Milaap salutes these real heroes who give a new meaning to life. Here are their stories…1)      Bridging the gap: Dashrath Manjhi was a regular laborer. What catapulted him to the status of Mountain Man was a tragedy. His wife died due to lack of medical attention. Refusing to be prostrated by grief and not wanting anyone else to experience a similar fate, Manjhi went on to carve a path between a mountain in the Gehlour hills. This feat took him 22 years, but when completed, reduced the distance between his block and the next 75 kilometers, to 1 kilometer.2)      Humanity Hospital Subhasini was widowed at the age of 23 when her husband died of a minor ailment because there were no available medical facilities. With four young children to raise, Subhasini sold vegetables to make ends meet. But the fire in her was not to be quenched. She went on, by years of saving and hard work, to build a clinic in her village. This way, medical attention was on hand when required. Years down the line, this clinic coalesced into the Humanity Hospital.3)      Donor Bank: It started off as a lone man’s battle against acute leukemia. Today, Amit’s movement – Amit Gupta needs you – has not only provided him with a marrow match, but has also proved a blessing for others with the same problem. The donor bank for South Asians that he has created can now serve other South Asians desperately looking  for a match.4)      Meals of love – Everytime you have eaten at a restaurant, the end is inevitable. You are presented with the bill (mostly smilingly), you pay it and leave amidst a chorus of thank-yous. Now, imagine for a moment, a restaurant where you have your meal, and your bill simply reads Rs. 0 and "Your meal was a gift from someone who came before you. To keep the chain of gifts alive, we invite you to pay it forward for those dine after you." Welcome to Seva Café.5)      Green babies: One of the worst things you can tell a woman, is that she cannot conceive. Any woman who reads this will wince in sympathy. However, Saalumarada Timakka listened to this news, and then ended up having 284 babies. Bizarre? Not quite. She just decided, with the full support of her husband, to plant banyan trees and nurture them as children. And as a result, you have a leafy avenue that you just don’t expect to see on a public road between Kudur and Hulikal villagesDo you know anybody who has an inspiring story? Have you got a similar story to share? Write to us in the comments below, with a brief description of how an act of kindness had a huge impact. The writer of the story we pick gets a Milaap gift voucher. So, get cracking, write in now.