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4 News Articles that never got the Recognition they Deserve!

mktg “…And the sun slipped into the sea and fell asleep”, the story-teller’s voice made music of the old Hindi story. The children who were sprawled around, listened and were lulled into sleep. Their days were centered around the sun, anyway. When the sun “went to sleep”, so did they. Why? Because their village had no power. A few years down the line, and these children needed to pass their board exams. They studied after sunset, late into the night. How? Solar power!Indian villages are now being electrified by this source of energy. Milaap has compiled a list of news articles which warm your heart, literally. Indian Villages Lit up by Off-grid Power: Solar power is providing a ray of hope in these previously dark villages. Is this the solution that rural electrification projects have been waiting for? End of a long night: Atrauli now no longer gropes in the dark. From students to dairy farmers, they all have a reason to celebrate. Transforming the lives of Indian Villagers: Life in a city inures you to the wonder of being able to see what you are eating. Shopping after sunset is nothing you think twice about. In the Sitapur district of Uttar Pradesh, however, these were wonders beyond imagination which solar power turned into reality. Picture Perfect: Just glancing through the photos of what solar power did for a tiny village – Meerwada – can show you just how much power the sun can pack! Do these stories make you want to bring a village closer to solar power? Here’s how you can help!