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This 5-Month-Old Is In Unbearable Pain Because Of Liver Disease
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Khilendra Nath and his wife Hemlata never leave their baby’s side for a moment. They are worried that they may lose her if she does not get enough attention. Little Yogyata’s haunting yellow eyes and hardened tummy bring back unpleasant memories for these parents, for this is not the first time they are at the risk of losing a child.

“We spent everything we ever had for our first child’s heart surgery, but still couldn’t save him. It is a loss that we haven’t forgotten till now. But Yogyata’s birth gave us a new hope. We wanted to start a new life with her, but fate has made her ill too. Doctors say she can be saved with a liver transplant, but how can a middle-class schoolteacher like me afford it? Already I’m filled with guilt because I couldn’t save my first baby…if Yogyata too leaves, we will have failed as parents”-Khilendra Nath

Yogyata was born healthy, but soon she developed jaundice that led to poor feeding and irritability

Baby Yogyata is only 5 months old, but she has lived more than half of her life in pain. At just 2 months, she was diagnosed with a severe liver disease which causes obstruction in her bile ducts. This makes the liver function rather poorly and with time, this may cause complete liver failure and death as well.

“My baby’s body was yellowing and she had even stopped drinking breastmilk all of a sudden. She would just wail and tire herself out. It was so scary seeing an infant cry uncontrollably like that. We were given medicines for the jaundice. The doctors at the local hospital in our hometown of Raipur had believed that it would go away on its own”-Hemlatha

Unfortunately for this sweet baby girl, her condition was found to be more than jaundice when she started vomiting

“My child was vomiting like she was possessed. Her nose was also getting blocked because of this. She had become so weak that she even passed out from all the crying. We rushed her to the doctor because her health was failing and worst of all, we did not know how to help her. A couple of tests were done, and she was found to have a serious liver condition for which treatment was not available in Chattisgarh”-Khilendra Nath

The poor schoolteacher and his family travelled all the way to Hyderabad in a bid to save their only surviving baby

When Khilendra Nath was advised to go to a good hospital in Hyderabad to get his child treated, he did not think twice about it. He knew that he only had money for travel expenses, but he was willing to go to any extent for his baby.

“When the doctors told me clearly that she could be saved, I was relieved that at least there was a way that I could save her. I feel in my heart that God will save this child. She is the light of our lives – we cannot let anything happen to her. But money is definitely a problem, I can’t deny that”-Khilendra Nath
Veins are clearly visible through Yogyata's enlarged tummy; that's how bad her condition is

5-month-old Yogyata does not have much time left without a liver transplant

Baby Yogyata’s tummy is swollen and it hurts her so much that she cannot roll over like normal babies. Her liver has become abnormally enlarged because of her condition. She is not growing well like a normal 5-month-old baby should. Her parents think that she is getting more and more yellow with each passing day. If she does not get a liver transplant, her liver will fail – doctors have told Yogyata’s parents this clearly.

“We understand that the transplant is urgent, but we are struggling to arrange funds. My husband has asked everybody who understands our child’s condition, but nothing has worked yet. My baby girl is getting very ill by the day. Please help her”-Hemlata

This family is begging for help to save their baby

How you can help

Baby Yogyata will only survive if she has a liver transplant at the earliest. Khilendra Nath works as a teacher in a small school in Raipur, Chattisgarh. His meagre earnings do not allow him to have a lot of savings, and therefore he cannot fund his baby’s life-saving surgery. Yogyata's parents are desperate to save her and need your help.

“We have travelled so far from Chattisgarh to Hyderabad thinking we will be able to save our baby somehow. I have already lost a child due to my poverty, please help me save this one at least”-Khilendra Nath
Your kind contribution can help save this baby from complete liver failure

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