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5-Year-Old Will Die Of Cancer Without Urgent Bone Marrow Transplant
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"My little son got rashes all over his body, which makes his skin so itchy that he scratches himself until the blood oozes out. The pain caused by the rashes is unbearable. Whatever little food he has, he immediately throws up. To make this worse, he got a mouth ulcer and he completely stopped having food and now he is surviving only on liquids which are being fed through the tubes. He has become so weak that he stopped talking to us. It is painful to see my son struggling for life like this." said Neelam, Yatharth's mother.

Just when the parents thought their child is recovering, the fatal disease had put him on the brink of death

Punit and Neelam were happy that their son was out of danger after fighting cancer for one and a half year. Just when they were hoping that their son would fully recover and lead a normal life, cancer relapsed and their trust in the future was  completely shattered.

"A few months ago, my son was happy when we told him that he can play with his friends again. He was just beginning to regain his health but suddenly he started having rashes on his body. My husband and I were scared and rushed him to the hospital. We were told that he is fighting death again. We were shocked and terrified, never in our wildest dreams we thought this would happen to him again. They said, this time it’s worse than before. We immediately admitted him in the hospital without giving a second thought.” - Neelam.

Only an urgent transplant can save Yatharth from a deadly disorder  

5-year-old Yatharth is suffering from Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL), a severe form of blood cancer which produces an excess number of white blood cells in the body. He urgently needs chemotherapy and bone marrow transplant. The parents struggled to afford the first cycle of chemotherapy and are unable to continue it. Without the chemo and transplant, the child will not survive.

"My son cries out loudly because of stomach ache. Sometimes, it is so painful that he places his hands on his tummy and shuts his eyes tightly in pain. He has lost weight drastically. I often find him facing the window and weeping. He loves to play outdoors and now he is not even able to stand properly because of the weakness. The sight of him lying on the bed with blood stains on his body with rashes is unbearable. I feel helpless as I watch him fight for his life." - Neelam.

The family is left with nothing to save their only son

Punit runs a small medical store in his town, with the meager income he manages to run the house. But the expenses of treatment is crushing this father who has already spent 10 lakhs on the previous treatment. He has done everything he could to save his son from the dreadful disease but now he has exhausted all his money and is unable to help his son survive.

We have borrowed a huge sum of  money from our relatives and friends for our son's first treatment. Now we are left with nothing to save him from the cruel fate. He is our only son and he is everything to us. It is hard to imagine a life without our little child. My husband is a matching donor to my son but we need 40 lakhs for the treatment and transplant, the money which my husband cannot earn with the petty business he runs. All we want in this life is to save our only son, please help us.” - Neelam. 

How You Can Help

5-year-old Yatharth is suffering from a severe form of blood cancer. He urgently needs chemotherapy and bone marrow transplant without which Yatharth will not live for long. The worried parents have done everything to help their son survive but now they are left with nothing and cannot afford the treatment. They are waiting for help to save their only son from death.

Your kind contribution will help Yatharth live.

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