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Unaware That His Disease Can Kill Him, This 3-Year-Old Wants To Play
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“Until a month ago, whenever I returned from work, I would always see my son, Sufiyan running about in the neighborhood with other kids. Now, he lies in the hospital bed and asks me when he will play with his friends again. He's so small that I can't even explain to him why he is suffering. The boy who loved food so much, now throws up when he smells it. My happy and complete family fell apart in a few days. A rare blood disease is slowly killing him, he’s in so much pain. I can’t even get him out of it, I feel that I am failing as a father,” - Minhaj, 3-year-old Sufiyan’s father.

Sufiyan was completely fine until he became so sick that he could no longer eat

Sufiyan was a healthy little boy until he stopped eating altogether one day. He would throw up everything he tried to eat. After that, he stopped talking much as well. Minhaj and Asrun started noticing small rashes all over their little son’s body. Although they started applying creams and ointments, blood kept oozing out of these rashes. This has left patches all over his face and body. But worst of all, little Sufiyan had become so pale that his parents would get scared just looking at him.

“His body was becoming weak. Asrun was so scared that she begged me to take our son to some saint and take his blessings. I knew blessings alone won't save my son. I knew I had no time to lose. I rushed Sufiyan to the closest hospital immediately. If we hadn’t undergone the blood transfusion immediately, I don’t think he could have survived. But now, he needs transfusions every week. It crushes me every time I see my son in so much pain.”

Sufiyan's blood levels can drop suddenly, only a bone marrow transplant can save him

Little Sufiyan has aplastic anemia, a condition in which the bone marrow is damaged and the body fails to produce blood. It is such a deadly condition that the platelets can drop suddenly, killing the patient. Sufiyan’s platelets count is only 26000 now (normal is between 1.5 lakhs to 4.5 lakhs per ml of blood). A bone marrow transplant is the only way that can keep the child alive.

“This deadly blood disease has made my son very weak, but it still hasn’t been able to snatch away his smile. He tries to do everything that a child of his age does, but fails miserably. He only cries when we have to take him to the hospital for blood transfusion. Every time I look at him, at his unbeatable spirit, I know that I have to find a way to help him. I know the battle is too hard especially for a poor person like me, but after all, I am a father and I can’t give up on my baby.”

After spending almost twice his yearly income in a month, Minhaj can’t find a way to save his son

Minhaj works as a welder near Faridabad. He has already spent almost twice his yearly income in just a month. While he earns only Rs 400 a day, he has already spent more Rs 2.7 lakhs in just a month. He always had to struggle to send his elder kids to school and then manage the household. Although he was somehow managing his household expenses, nothing could prepare him for his son's medical emergency. He has spent everything he had saved after years of hard work. He has borrowed from his relatives and private lenders. But nothing is enough to save little Sufiyan anymore.

“My son’s bone marrow transplant will cost us Rs 20 lakhs. I haven’t seen such huge amount of money in my entire life. I wanted to save every rupee for my children’s future. I never thought there will come a day when I will run around for money to save my baby. All I want is my baby to survive. If something happens to him I will never be able to forgive myself.”

How you can help

3-year-old Sufiyan is suffering from a rare blood disease, where his body does not produce new blood anymore. A bone marrow transplant is the only way that can keep him alive. His welder father has spent way more than he earns or can afford. Without your support, little Sufiyan will succumb to the rare disease.

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