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Help My mom fight Cerebral (Brain) Aneurysm and save her life
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Help my mom fight Brain (Cerebral) Aneurysm

Hello, My name is Sugam Chhetri Thapa. Recently my mother was diagnosed with Large saccular aneurysm.
She was having headaches and double vision since the last 6 years. Medical facilities in Darjeeling is horrible. Everytime she was shown to the doctor they would just tell her to make some reading glasses and that's it. Last week she'd gone to get her eye glasses power checked where she met a good doctor fortunately who told her that an mri needs to be done immediately. After finding nothing in the scan, the doctor advised us to do angiography. It was then revealed that she had a large saccular aneurysm which was growing rapidly. Just from today onwards she started to have constant vertigo and vomitting. This suggests that it is getting severe. Her eyes have gone squint because of the aneurysm.


Cerebral aneurysms form when the walls of the arteries in the brain become thin and weaken. There is a large chance of an aneurysm rupturing which will release blood into the spaces between the brain and the skull. This can cause hemorrhagic stroke, brain damage, coma, and even death.

The doctor has suggested a method called flow diversion treatment method but it requires a large amount of
money which we cannot afford. The cost of the surgery is 15 lakhs and hospital charges and everything is separate along with two high cost tests. That is a huge amount for us. My father is a class IV employee and his salary is just enough to run the house. I didn't go to college as I couldn't afford it. And now after my mother was diagnosed
with this disease I don't know what to do. Will be taking her to either Delhi or Kolkata. These are the recommendation I got from a neurologist in Siliguri. Will be starting her treatment from tomorrow. I am in so much stress and tension right now. Please help us so that I can cure my mother from this deadly disease. Every bit of money is greatly appreciated.


  • Took her to Kolkata at the Institute of Neurosciences and staying there for a week I got to know that treatment of aneurysm at private hospitals is extremely costly. We were quoted 10 lakhs for endovascular coiling of aneurysm at INK, Kolkata.

 I got to know that the decision they had taken to coil the aneurysm was very wrong. So I bought her to NIMHANS Bangalore. After about 2 weeks of struggle at NIMHANS OPD and after DSA test at NIMHANS, finally we were informed that flow diverter is the best option for her aneurysm. There doctors quoted 6 lakhs for flow diverter and additional 1 lakh for surgery and medication cost which takes down her total cost to 7 lakhs from 15 lakhs we were quoted initially at an online consultation .

  • Since we are unable to raise the said amount in time so we are extending her fundraiser duration and have postponed her surgery date

6th February 2022 updates :

My mom had to undergo emergency intervention/surgery done as the aneurysm was in a state to burst. Doctors had to perform the intervention on Friday, 4th of February 2022. The aneurysm was very big and it was a very difficult intervention/surgery. Unfortunately while placing a single flow diverter device, the device went inside the aneurysm and it was very life threating condition. She started to bleed from both nose and mouth continuosly and was put on a ventilator....
After about 5½ hours of struggle doctors were able to put 2 flow diverter device and were able to align the flow diverters correctly. They had no option other than deploying 2 flow diverters with added cost.. I requested the company HLL (Amrit Pharmaceuticals) to reduce the cost. NIMHANS doctors also wrote a letter to them stating it was a small accident during the procedure and they were bound to use 2 flow diverters.... They managed to reduce the cost from 14lks to 10lks.... But after that they are not willing to reduce a single penny....
So I've no option other than requesting people to share this fundraiser and ask for help 🙏...
My mom is fine after surgery, the only problem she has as of now is severe headache and some nose bleed ..... So this is our current state as of now...

This is prior to intervention when there was nose and mouth bleed and this is when the doctors took a call to do the procedure asap....

This is after surgery/intervention, i.e. after placing 2 flow diverter stents inside her internal carotid artery (ICA)

12 February 2022 updates: 

Doctors have informed us that the aneurysm has grown in size and only flow diversion will most likely not be able to embolize it. So they've also advised that if required a soft platinum coil will be passed through the femoral artery to the brain where the aneurysm exists and they would coil the aneurysm. This will reduce the risk of aneurysm rupture in the future.....

Thank you.

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