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With Few Hours Left For Surgery, This Baby's Parents Are Losing Hope
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As Afsana watches over her baby while he sleeps in the hospital, all she thinks about is what the next waking minute will bring for him. She has spent countless sleepless nights, terrified that she will lose him. The only time she does close her eyes is to pray that baby Hamza is saved from the pain of his failing heart. When baby Hamza isn’t asleep, his loud, painful cries are heard throughout the ward. The only thing that can save baby Hamza now is an urgent heart surgery to close the hole in his heart. He needs surgery in 24 hours, but Afsana and Aas Mohammed are helpless – they check the clock in the hospital every few minutes, praying with all their might that they somehow find a way to save their baby.

They thought they took home a healthy baby, but within months, their joy turned into tragedy

When Afsana held her baby boy in her arms for the first time, she instantly knew what they were going to name him – Hamza, which means ‘strong’. “I can just tell that he’s a fighter. He’s the youngest, but he’s the strongest,” she said to Aas. Afsana and Aas took their healthy baby home and were welcomed with excitement by their older sons. Little did Afsana know that a few months later, baby Hamza’s biggest fight would begin – a fight for life.

The hole in his heart is slowly killing him

For nearly a month, Hamza had relentless fever and cough. Soon, he started struggling to breathe, and no medicine helped him. Baby Hamza was born with a hole in his heart, but his condition was diagnosed only five days ago. His congenital heart disease causes the improper flow of blood from the heart and blood to enter his lungs. If not treated in time, baby Hamza’s heart will completely fail.

“He suddenly gets very breathless, especially when he cries. And he cries every day. I try to comfort him, I sing to him and try and rock him to sleep, but nothing makes him feel better. He’s struggled a lot for the past one month, and I can’t watch him go through this for another day. For a week now, we’ve been trying to arrange for money for his surgery, now we have only one day left and only a few thousands that we managed to borrow.” - Afsana

With just one day left for the surgery, his helpless parents find themselves losing hope

Afsana spends all day with their baby in the hospital, while Aas juggles between the hospital and work; it’s the only way he can afford to keep his baby in the ward. But the 7000 he earns per month by selling milk isn’t enough for the life-saving surgery. When Aas is back in their small town in Uttar Pradesh, he wakes up earlier than before to distribute milk by foot to all the houses in the locality and spends the rest of his time desperately looking for work. However, Aas’s best efforts aren’t enough – after begging and borrowing from everyone they know, Afsana and Aas are now at a dead-end.

How You Can Help

6-month-old baby Hamza needs a surgery in 24 hours to survive the hole in his heart. Without this, Afsana and Aas will lose their youngest to the terrible disease. All they had hoped for is for a healthy future for him, but at just 6-months-old, their baby is inching closer to death. Afsana and Aas can’t save their baby from this terrible fate without your help.

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