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Help this widowed mother save her son from deadly lung infection
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Manvith was only a 9-month-old baby when my husband passed away in a bike accident. I remember getting a phone call late at night informing me that my husband was severely injured. When I reached the hospital, I found out he had died on the spot. I knew I had to stay strong for my son, he’s my world, my everything. But now I might lose him. He hasn’t woken up in a week. I try calling out to him in the hope that he gets some comfort hearing my voice, but my baby just lies there helpless.  The only way he will survive is if he stays in the PICU longer, but I can’t afford to save him.” – Mounika, Manvith’s mother

just a few days after he turned 2, baby Manvith fell terribly sick and struggled to breathe. What started as a fever and cold, turned into severe, life-threatening pneumonia. Now, Mounika paces the corridor outside the PICU every day, worried about how she’s going to afford the next day's treatment. Manvith needs to stay in the PICU for two weeks to survive, but  Mounika doesn't have the means to afford it. 


Within days, baby Manvith’s cough turned into a life-threatening disease

For one week, Manvith had a cough and cold. Soon, he developed a high fever and severe respiratory distress. Manvith was rushed to the hospital and placed on ventilator support on 19 August. Ever since then, he has been fighting for his life with severe pneumonia in the PICU.

I see him every chance I get. Even if it means just standing by his bed for a few minutes, I just want to be there for my son. I remember he used to hold my hand everywhere we went, and now when I place my hand on his, he doesn’t move. He was so playful and happy. He and his sister were always playing games, fighting and laughing together. But within days, his life changed."

Every day, Mounika fears losing her son to pneumonia without timely treatment

After my husband’s death, I was completely lost. He was the backbone of our family, we didn’t have much but we were happy and content. I knew I had to stay strong for my children, but there were days when I couldn’t even get out of bed. Manvith would come running into the room ‘Amma, come play with me. I want to race with my cars’ and it would remind me that I had to live for them. My family helped me a lot during this time and it took me months to recover, but just when we were happy again, Manvith fell sick. If I can’t find a way to continue his treatment, I will lose him.”

Mounika’s husband was the sole breadwinner of the family – she can't afford Manvith's treatment alone

Mounika’s husband, Prasan, was a farmer. He had a small piece of land and earned just enough to keep his family of four afloat. He was the sole breadwinner of the family. His death left Mounika alone to fend for her children and herself. While her family is doing everything they can to support her in this time of need, it’s not enough. If left untreated, he can develop life-threatening complications. Manvith will survive with timely treatment, but Mounika can’t do it without your support.

How You Can Help

Manvith is only 2-years-old and has his entire life ahead of him, but if Mounika can’t afford to continue his treatment, she will lose him to the severe disease he’s fighting. Once active and happy, Manvith is now fighting for his life in the PICU. He will only survive if he stays in the PICU for 10 more days. After her husband’s untimely death, Mounika has no financial aid or income. She needs your help to save her son’s life.

Your support will save Manvith’s life.

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