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6-Month-Old Baby's Liver And Lungs Are Severely Infected, Needs Help
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Every time baby Jaswitha would cry, all it took to calm her down was her mother, Triveni’s, warm embrace. She would then look up at her with her bright eyes, smiling. But now, it has been more than 15 days since her parents held baby Jaswitha in their arms. She is now lying unconscious, breathing with the help of ventilator support due to her deadly disease. She suffered violent seizures, after which, her organs were affected one by one. Now, the little one is fighting for her life. Her helpless parents are worried that they might lose her forever because they can no longer afford her life-saving treatment. 

What started as a fever soon turned into a dreadful disease that has affected her liver and lungs

Baby Jaswitha was perfectly well until a month ago. Suddenly she fell sick and the temperature did not subside for a week. Her parents took her to a nearby hospital in their town, Jaggayyapeta, Andhra Pradesh. She became so weak that doctors were not able to find the veins for transfusion of fluids. Her skin started turning black in color. Her terrified parents took her to another hospital in Khamam, a nearby town. She was then diagnosed with hepatitis, an inflammatory condition of the liver commonly caused by a viral infection. She also has severe pneumonia.

"We were terrified when doctors told us about her condition. We did not miss any vaccination, we followed all instructions that the doctors gave us, we don't understand how this happened. We were still hopeful but when she got seizures we were shattered. Doctors asked us to take her to a hospital in Hyderabad. We came in an ambulance and that was the longest journey I ever had in my life, each passing moment was scary. We were praying all the way that our baby should survive." - Triveni, mother 

Their baby needs prolonged treatment to survive and her family is in the utmost financial and emotional distress

Baby Jaswitha was admitted to a hospital in Hyderabad on 28th of October. Since then she is in ICU. Her lungs are liver are severely affected. She got violent seizures again and lost her conscious 4 days back. Now she is now on ventilator support and needs prolonged treatment to recover completely. Her parents are waiting, with no proper sleep and food, to take her back home. Their daughters Dikshita (7) and Lakshita (3) who have never been away from their parents are now staying in their relatives place. They are too young to understand the situation and cry uncontrollably overtime they talk to them over the phone.

"I'm desperately waiting to hold my baby in my arms. She is in so much pain but all I can do is to watch her helplessly. I don't know how her little body can bear so much pain. My other children are waiting for us to come home. I cannot imagine going back without my baby. We do not know anyone here, my husband and I have no strength to even console each other." - Triveni.

Despite exhausting all his savings and borrowing money from everyone he knew, the father still struggle to  save his baby's life

Baby Jaswitha's father Naga Srinivasa never thought that he would have to face such a situation. He is a very hard working person and was always determined to provide the best to his children. He works as an electricity bill collector, a contract job through which he earns Rs 9000 per month. With this meagre income, he managed to save some money for their future. But now, he has exhausted all his savings and feels completely defeated that he cannot afford to save his daughter's life.

"I managed so far only with the help of my brother. He has spent more than a lakh for my baby's treatment and we need Rs 5 lakh more to continue the treatment. Bills are piling up everyday and my wife is begging me to do something to save our baby's life but all I can do is to desperately wait for a help. I fear I might lose my baby." - Naga Srinivasa.

How you can help

6-month-old baby Jaswitha is battling deadly liver and lung infections. She also suffers violent seizures. Her parents are struggling to save her life and they are left with nothing. She is in the ICU and on ventilator support. She might lose her life without prolonged treatment. Only your support can help the poor parents take their baby back home in their arms.

Your contribution can save 6-month-old baby Jaswitha's life

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