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9-year-old Chandrika's Bladder Disease Will Turn Fatal Without Surgery
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"She's only 9-years-old and all she has experienced in life is pain. Her childhood is consumed by a terrible disease. I don't remember leaving the house to go anywhere else in the past few years except the hospitals. She has frequent urination but her bladder is very small and some amount of urine is always left in the bladder. I have to drain the urine from her bladder atleast 4-5 times a day. She has to go through this painful procedure because only this can keep her infections levels low." -  Madhavi, Chandrika's mother.

Chandrika had surgery when she was just 2, now the catheter has become a part of her life

When Chandrika was 2-years-old she had a high fever and stomach pain. She was rushed to the hospital and doctors found that she has a rupture in her bladder. She was diagnosed with Vesicoureteral (VUR), an abnormal flow of urine from the bladder back up the tubes that connect kidneys to the bladder. Normally, urine flows only down from kidneys to the bladder. She also had hypertension in which the blood pressure in the arteries was persistently elevated.

"Since the surgery, the catheter (tube to drain the urine from the bladder) has become a part of her life. I was hoping that it can be removed someday but her condition has only become worse over the years. If the urine is not drained for a while, the infections would cause a high temperature of 105 degrees. Her whole body would start shivering. I have even forgotten what it is to have a peaceful life but I yearn for it, I want my child to have a normal life." - Varaparasad, Father.

High potassium levels in her body have damaged her kidneys and she needs an urgent surgery

Madhavi has been following all the instructions by the doctor religiously. Chandrika has to take a high dosage of medicines every day. All this has caused high potassium level in her body which has affected her kidneys.  A week ago, Chandrika had a high fever and was rushed to the hospital. Her parents were told that her urinary bladder is like that of a 1-year-old child and she needs a mitrofanoff, a surgical procedure in which the bladder will be increased by patching it with a piece of a bowl and a small channel is done to connect the bladder to the outside the body.

"She has growth development too, she looks too small for her age. Despite all this struggle, she managed to go to school. I used to wait outside her class all the day. Her principal gave me a special request but most of the days we come back home because it becomes difficult for her. She used to cry a lot. She asks me why she is different from others. I tell her she will be fine soon but I'm broken deep inside." - Madhavi.

Her parents are physically and emotionally exhausted and are left with nothing to save her

Chandrika's father Varaprasda works as a driver and he had spent all his earnings on Chandrika's treatment. He works day and night. He makes sure that Chandrika doesn't miss any of her medicines because of lack of money. His elder daughter Vennila (13) now stays in a neighbour's house. She has learnt to take care of herself and do things on her own ever since Chandrika's surgery.

"We have been giving all our attention to Chandrika because of her health condition. I have spent everything on her treatment. I have not bought  new dress for her birthday but she has not asked us anything. Both my daughters are struggling in their own ways. My wife cries all the time, I cry in silence. I don't know what else I can do to save my daughter from this pain. I don't wish for anything but a normal life." Varaprasad.

How you can help

Chandrika has been through excruciating pain all through her life. Due to frequent hospitalizations, her parents have exhausted all their savings. Her father who works as a driver for Rs 11,000 per month is struggling to even buy medicines for her now. They have been through all the odds and come so far only because of their will-power. Chandrika needs an urgent surgery to be free from this terrible pain. Only your support can save her life.

Your kind contribution can save this 11-year-old from this painful disease and give her a chance to live.

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