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Hello Everyone
My Name is sanjay Kalia. I am suffering from Last stage CKD ( chronic Kidney disease ) for last four years .Currently both Kidney are not Functioning. Both are damaged 100%. I am on Thrice a week Dialysis .Dialysis cost me  Rs 2400 per Dialysis . Monthly Cost of Dialysis  itself is Rs 30000  , beside this  Injections and medicines cost around 26000 per month . we can say , cost  of survival is  Rs 56000 approx  per month . In Last four years I have spent  around 27 lakhs in Dialysis, medicines , surgical procedures  and consultations .Now a days  I am experiencing  other effects  of CKD  like  anemia , hypertension  etc .
To protect my organs of body and side effects of kidney disease doctors are advised me to undergo Kidney Transplant .

A kidney Transplant Costs approx 20 lakhs Rupees  and needs  for the rest of life  followup cares  and daily anti -rejection  medications . the cost of post transplant  medication can range from  20000  to 30000 per month .

I have spent all savings  in  treatments  in last four years   and moreover as i have to spent three days in  week  in hospital my earning are touching ground level .

Hense I am requesting  helping hands to support  with your valuable  donations  to become myself a normal person

thanks in advance  to all of you

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1st December 2017
Dear friends,

First  of all , I would like to thank you for your support and love. All your comments, blessings and love have been encouraging I had  almost lost hope that I may Live long .

As you know My kidney transplant was planned but due to Financially, Medically and with some other reasons, we had to postpone the transplant. We were not able to collect 50 % of the total required funds.
During march-may you people had helped me Directly as well as through Milaap and we generated around 8 lakhs but the requirement was very high. Also we wasted 2-3 weeks as we unnecessary changed doctors and hospital.

In the last seven attempts to clear few tests required for transplant but failed every time. As I have spent all my deposits , earnings towards my treatment for the last 4 years, I am almost penny less. I spent the donations money. Treatment was necessary to survive and the treatment is very costly so I used the money meant for transplant in treatment.  I roughly calculated from bills , receipts  etc and expenses details are followings

Dialysis : 130 times  x 2000Rs       Rs 260000
EPO inj. : 130 times  x 1100Rs       Rs 143000
medicines                                          Rs   22000
bill during cardiac arrest                 Rs 157000
Tests and investigation                   Rs 28000
misll expenses                                   Rs 35000

I am really thankful for my best friends Manoj Kr Singh and Lokesh Aggarwal who always stood with me in any cause good or bad since childhood .In this bad phase of my life, they come forward in spite of their busy schedule. They run the fundraising campaign through whatsapp and updated people about my health day by day.Both Contacted our old friends in India  as well overseas. Nagesh Sisodia  Who was my room mate in Pilani, and with whom I have no contact yet since Pilani days helped me with Rs 1,40,000.

Again as you know from last year I am not working at all .Almost all my businesses are closed as I can not run them mentally, physically and financially.I am thankful to God who gave me wonderful life partner  Promila who is supporting me in this worst phase of our life.She took all responsibily of home . She runs a small study centre  as she is a reputed math teacher. Although Amount earned by her is not so big but still helped in running household affairs.She Knows how to manage home in a small amount.THANK YOU PROMILA

I am without earning  fro last one year  My all savings, deposits , insurances , bonds etc  all are utilized  in last four years.

Moreover, I am in the hospital since 16th Sep- for almost 2.5 months .It may be easy to say or hear 2.5 month   but I know  I difficult it is when you have no money in pocket and in the hospital even for a water bottle you have to pay Rs 20.
I am at my worst in financial condition. I SOUGHT  YOUR HELP AGAIN  TO LIVE further as in CKD   without dialysis or medicines we can not live for even a small period.
Any amount  small or big are appreciated  in advance .Your support is my Last hope

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get well soon

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Speedy recovery Sanjay.

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Get well soon brother

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Best wishes and prayers.