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Her Mother Could Not Even Afford To Take Her To The Hospital

When Shreelakshmi first told her parents that her right arm doesn’t feel right, they gave her painkillers. But the pain kept getting worse until she started crying saying she could not take it anymore. The family stayed in a small village near Mandya district in Karnataka, where there are hardly any good hospitals. It was in Mysuru, almost 50 km away that Shreelakshmi was diagnosed with cancer.

Shreelakshmi’s cries uncontrollably and complains of pain in the right arm

The family had to borrow a hefty sum to just travel to Mysore; it hit them hard when they were told that Shreelakshmi’s treatment had to be done in Bengaluru. Shreelakshmi has not yet come to terms with how big her right arm has grown over two months. She is the one who consoles her mother when she cries, but cannot control her own tears sometimes. And when she cries, she does so uncontrollably and her mother can only watch helplessly.

Shreelakshmi’s father has gone back to Mandya to try and arrange funds for his daughter’s treatment, leaving her mother to fight a lonely battle

  “We came to Bengaluru with whatever money we could get from people in our village but my husband went back soon. He said he will do anything to try and make enough money for her treatment. It is just me and Shree now at the hospital. She cannot go through this suffering without me and I am staying strong for my daughter.” – Deepa, Shreelakshmi’s mother.  

Her right hand is so swollen that she cannot move it without feeling immense pain

Shreelakshmi does not sleep well nowadays because she is tired because of chemotherapy sessions. Added to this, her swollen right-hand makes it very difficult for her to sleep on the right side. On most nights at the hospital, she thinks only about school. Studies and her future worry her more than medicines and her disease.

Shreelakshmi used to look forward to living every day with a smile before cancer shattered her life

“She was upset about being left behind in school. One day, her teacher called her up saying that she can come back to school once she gets alright. She is feeling better after that. The doctors also tell her that it doesn’t matter if her right hand is not working because she can learn to write and draw with her left. She feels sad but tries not to show it.”- Deepa

How you can help

Shreelakshmi needs two cycles of intensive chemotherapy urgently. The doctors have told that they can only try to save her right arm. Saving her life is more important for her parents. Her father, Venkatesh, has already spent Rs 5 lakhs on her treatment so far. He owes money to moneylenders and landlords in his village. He needs to make Rs 8 lakhs more for her treatment, but people are not loaning him more money anymore. He is finding it very difficult to find work and borrow hefty sums at the same time.

“Apart from the big financial struggle, we have left our 9-year-old daughter Gunashree at home in Mandya. She doesn’t know the gravity of the situation. If we do not get the funds on time, we will lose Shree. What will I tell my younger daughter? That we were unable to save her sister because we were poor? ”- Deepa, Shreelakshmi's mother.

Your kindness can stop a mother from losing her child.
Estimation letter
Estimation letter
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24th June 2018
Dear Supporters,

Thank you for the wonderful support that you have shown towards Shreelakshmi. She was undergoing medication and basic treatment. Her response to the treatment also had been positive.

The hospital tried reaching them multiple times but could not get through. She has discontinued his treatment after the first cycle of chemotherapy and we will be using the funds raised via this campaign towards Shashi Kumar's treatment.

We do understand that some of you might like to opt for a refund. Please reply to this email by 2nd July and we will be happy to initiate the same.

Dr Vishal Rao
9th May 2018
Dear Supporters,

Thank you for the wonderful support that you have shown towards Shree Lakshmi. She has completed one cycle of chemotherapy and was responding positively to the treatment. She had normal side effects like fever, nausea etc and was advised a stay in the hospital until her fever subsides.

I would also like to inform you that her family has decided to discontinue her treatment in HCG hospital and they will be getting her treated in a different hospital. Based on the families request, we are stopping the campaign on Milaap and the funds raised via this campaign on Milaap will be used to clear her pending medical bills.

I would like to thank you for the wonderful support that you have shown towards Shreelakshmi.


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Our prayers with you...Get Well Soon....

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Praying for that lil girl's speedy recovery

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